“Scandal” Recap: “The Belt”

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Scandal Recap February 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap February 16 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Cyrus struggled in prison before Olivia made a huge discovery. Here are the most important things to know about “The Belt,” the fourth episode of season 6.

The show began with Cyrus booked into prison at the same time Mellie celebrated seemingly becoming the next president, but Olivia said they’re “nowhere” until Inauguration Day. David wanted to seek the death penalty, but Abby demanded he not, claiming Fitz didn’t want it.

Liz visited Cyrus to tell him the death penalty was off the table, but he wasn’t thrilled at the idea of solitary confinement for life. He asked her to get a love note to the also-imprisoned Tom, in hopes he would recant his claims against him. A fellow prisoner offered to get him a belt to hang himself, saying he’d need it. Cyrus later helped a corrections officer to get pen and paper in exchange, allowing him to write Tom’s letter. Cyrus was shocked, though, when Michael visited, saying he was filing for divorce. Liz had given him the love letter meant for Tom, and didn’t believe Cyrus’ claims it all a ruse.

Meanwhile, Huck flirted with Jennifer’s friend, Charlotte, who wanted to know who killed her. Tom didn’t confess to her murder, so who did it? Olivia wanted to find proof Tom was responsible so she could pin two murders on him and Cyrus, and ensure Mellie would get into the White House.

Fitz, still hooking up with Angela, the FBI director, was enraged when she revealed Abby claimed he didn’t want the death penalty. He lashed out at her in front of both Angela and David, and demanded she stay out of the case. Fitz then told the press that he did support David pursuing the death penalty, devastating Cyrus, who heard the news via radio. The aforementioned officer then took Cyrus outside, where he was pummeled by other prisoners.

While unconscious from the beating, Cyrus dreamt he awoke in the hospital with an apologetic Michael and Olivia, revealing Tom had recanted and the charges would be dropped. It then showed his inauguration and Cyrus taking the Oval with Mellie as his vice president. It turned into a nightmare when he realized Mellie was president, not him.

An injured Cyrus called Olivia from prison, crying, “It wasn’t me, Liv… It was Tom, all of this.” Olivia said it didn’t matter what she believed. “At some point, the bill needs to be paid,” she told him, urging him to be a “man.” She added that while she’d “always” be his friend, she would not talk to him again.

Towards the end of the episode, Huck asked Charlotte if they were just friends or more, and she kissed him. In the final minutes, Cyrus demanded the officer’s belt and wrote a suicide note. But Cyrus turned on the officer, with a murderous prisoner strangling him until he agreed to bring them to Tom. The plan was to then kill Tom… until Tom insisted that he was actually innocent.

At the same time, Quinn told Olivia that Tom was hundreds of miles away on the night of Frankie’s assassination. Someone had paid Tom to falsely confess. He actually was really innocent. And that meant Cyrus was innocent, too.

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