“Scandal” Recap: “Something Borrowed”

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Scandal Recap November 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap November 16 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal” winter finale, the search for Quinn intensified as Olivia clashed with Papa Pope. Here are the most important things to know about “Something Borrowed,” the seventh episode of season 7.

The show began with Quinn getting into the QPA elevator on her wedding day and being forcibly taken. Now after her disappearance and one day before her due date, Charlie was desperate to find her and torture her kidnapper. Abby found a description of an unclaimed body at a morgue that matched Quinn, but he didn’t want to go see if it was her. At the same time, Olivia urged Mellie to focus on getting the nuclear treaty signed in 48 hours as she privately urged Jake to find Quinn with all the power of the federal government. “We did this,” she panicked.

At the morgue, Charlie confirmed it was “some other dead lady, not Quinn.” Papa Pope then summoned Olivia, revealing, “I have Quinn. She’s mine… That reckoning I said is coming is here.” He wanted to trade Quinn for his own freedom, telling her, “I win, you lose.” Liv reminded him she’s “in charge here” and he couldn’t “touch” Quinn. She then told Jake they’d “wait him out,” convinced her father would return Quinn unharmed. Jake then went to Rowan on his own, warning him he wouldn’t “win” this “game” and both he and Quinn would get “crushed.” He shot back, “Let her do her worst.”

Olivia was furious that Jake confronted her dad, but he pointed out that her father may have more “control” in this than she thinks. She then went to visit her mother, whom she had locked up in a secret luxury apartment. Liv wanted Maya’s advice, but the matriarch wanted to know what she would “get out of it.” Her daughter replied, “You can either be my mother or a bitch.” Maya thought Liv just wanted “permission” to go fully dark and sacrifice Quinn. She advised: “That’s how you stay Command and protect this empire of yours. You let the clock run out and you do nothing. Let her die.”

Amidst this, Liv’s White House assistant went to Curtis with some information. The assistant then called Jake, saying, “It’s done.” That night, Olivia had a panic attack over the situation and the next day, Curtis went missing. Olivia later drank her sorrows, venting to Jake about the “game” and all the “energy” that “hiding” takes. “I can’t let Quinn die. I know it would solve a lot of my problems, but I can’t do it,” she told him. But she also didn’t want to give her dad back any “power.” Jake told her, “So then kill him. Eliminate the problem, your father is the problem… I’m very sorry, Olivia, but you do not get to have it all… Make your choice. Are you Command or are you not?”

Meanwhile, Cyrus told Abby that Fenton wouldn’t be filing charges against Charlie, but he wanted to know why the finger was wrongly pointed at him. He realized Jake was responsible, but the NSA head chalked it up to just being a “mistake.” Jake also menacingly cautioned Cyrus about making “enemies.” David worried about getting close to Abby, fearing she’d be the next in a long line of OPA-associated people to wind up dead, but they gave into their feelings. In the episode’s other storylne, Marcus told Fitz they should use Mellie to push their justice reform agenda, but the former president didn’t want to get the new president involved. He then went behind Fitz’s back to ask for Mellie’s help, and she questioned his motivations and kicked him out. Later, however, she told Fitz she would work with him.

On the day of the formal treaty signing, Mellie credited Olivia as a “champion,” saying this was only their “beginning” and they had to be “worthy” of their “sacrifices.” They then promised that “nothing, no one, no man” would stand in their way. With time up, Papa Pope summoned Liv again. At his home, he reiterated, “Perkins’ life for my freedom.” She started to lash out and he pulled a gun on her. “You’re not going to kill me,” Liv told him. He replied, “I don’t have to. You won’t be able to live with the blood of that woman and that baby on her hands.” As she taunted him about putting a bullet in her head and pulling the trigger, he dropped the gun, which she took as a victory.

She then made a formal kill order against him with the government, giving him 20 minutes to “fold” and release Quinn. “Why would you think I would choose Quinn over the Republic? You have to make a choice,” Liv insisted, adding, “You will either kill Quinn or hand her over. Otherwise, I’ll walk out the door and you can spend the next 20 minutes waiting to die.” They both thought the other was “bluffing,” but Papa Pope then went to where he had Quinn, presumably, locked up and shots rang out, leading Olivia to burst into tears, which she then hid when Rowan returned. “Wanna see the body?” he asked. “Scandal” returns January 18.

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