“Scandal” Recap: “Pressing The Flesh”

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Scandal Recap October 12 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap October 12 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia had a plan for Mellie’s big state dinner. Here are the most important things to know about “Pressing The Flesh,” the second episode of season 7.

The show began with Olivia and Curtis hooking up at a hotel and she made it clear she’s just using him for sex. The following day was the state dinner for the president of Bashran, whom they wanted to give up nuclear weapons. Liv resented having to do the planning usually done by the First Lady, and Cyrus complained about being seated next to an unlikeable billionaire donor. Abby went through David to get tickets to the gala in hopes of finding clients for Quinn Perkins and Associates, but Huck and Charlie had to go under fake identities. And the president of Bashran was game to get rid of nuclear weapons… starting with the U.S.

Olivia told Mellie it was imperative she get the president sign their treaty as she struggled with being a “single female POTUS” and a “human chastity belt.” She complained, “Olivia, there’s a famine in my lady bits… You know what I need? A vibrator.” They laughed away their stress before remembering the big night ahead. Mellie sighed, “If I can’t get laid, I can at least do something about nuclear proliferation. Let’s go make some world peace.” Meanwhile, Quinn planned for her team to target those most prone to scandal. Huck was nervous to socialize and Abby admitted she “sometimes” missed being a “big dog” in the White House. “But I prefer being a Gladiator,” she told him.

Olivia secretly met with Jake in their hidden B613 command center and asked him for “dirt” on the Bashrani president. She was surprised to see Quinn and co. at the gala, as well as Curtis. She demanded he leave as he was clearly trying to make her jealous with a date. The president told Mellie he’d be “dead” or “exiled” if he signed her treaty while Jake uncovered he had a teen snuck into his hotel the night before. Olivia thought they could hold exposing that over him. As it turned out, though, she wasn’t a prostitute. She was his secret niece, who was living undercover as an American so she could get an education.

Olivia thought that showed his progressiveness, and urged him, “Do for your country what you’ve done for your niece.” But he was angered by her meddling and that she would try to use his family against him, and called her the “devil.” Curtis noted the Bashrani president left rather quickly and wanted the “story” from Olivia. He saw right through her “spin” and made it clear he wanted to be more than hook-up partners.

Amidst all this, the brash billionaire wanted Cyrus’ tips on running for governor. The guy was thoroughly unimpressed with the White House and clearly just interested in money and power. “Maybe I should drop a few mil and make a run for prez,” he said as if it was no big deal. An insulted Cyrus erupted and the donor left chastised. Abby rejected David when he tried to hold her hand, Charlie was frustrated pretending to be someone else, and Huck realized that a military member he spoke with was actually a fraud.

The faux soldier tricked the Bashrani president into meeting privately and revealed himself to be a citizen of his country who wanted to assassinate him. Fortunately, the Secret Service burst in just in time. The president realized the radicals in his country were determined to get him out and he was afraid of failing the rest of his people. Mellie said the treaty would ensure them a better future, and he wanted an assurance that their enemy country would sign the peace accord, too. With that out of the way, he called her “extraordinary” and that he looked forward to working with her.

In the final minutes, David told Abby they’re “good together,” but she blew him off again. Charlie told Quinn he was tired of waiting to marry and didn’t fit with this “new Quinn.” She slapped him, “Screw you! You’re dumping me?! We’re having the baby!” She then promised to not “wait another damn minute” to wed. The donor gifted Cyrus a famous painting they had discussed. And Olivia leaked to Curtis that Mellie was going to bring two Middle Eastern countries together for an unprecedented nuclear summit. For the first time, they went to hook up at her place… only to find Fitz waiting for her.

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