“Scandal” Recap: “The People V. Olivia Pope”

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Scandal Recap February 1 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap February 1 2018


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Fitz led an intervention for Olivia. Here are the most important things to know about “The People V. Olivia Pope,” the 10th episode of season 7.

The show began the morning after Olivia and Fitz’s hookup, with him asking if she wanted to go for a “long weekend” in Vermont. She accepted, but was stunned to see Huck when they arrived at the cabin. “We know Liv,” he told her. And out came Abby, David and Marcus. Back in D.C., Quinn broke up the fight between Charlie and Papa Pope, with the former shocked to see his presumed dead bride alive. And at the White House, Cyrus told Mellie he suspected Olivia killed Rashad AND Quinn.

“Did you kill Quinn?” Huck asked Olivia. Fitz said they were trying to “help” her and Abby said David wouldn’t prosecute her if she leaves the White House and gives up B613. She insisted, “Quinn’s death wasn’t on me.” Still, Huck called her a “monster,” which she threw back in his face. As she tried to verbally take them down, Fitz told her, “You don’t have any power here.” They informed her she was forbidden from leaving and wouldn’t have outside communication, making her a “prisoner.”

With Olivia holed up in a room, Abby tried to appeal to her emotions, saying they wanted to “save” her, while David rattled off all the crimes she could be charged with. Abby apologized to Huck for not believing him, and he lamented, “I want the old Liv back.” Oliva later opened her door for him, saying through tears, “I need you.” Calling him “my Gladiator,” she reminded him how she’s always been there for him. “I need you to get me out of this house,” she told him. “Leave with me. Come run B613 with me.” He told her, “We are not the same. You killed one of our own… What you did was unforgivable… I’m done serving you. I’m not your Gladiator anymore.”

Meanwhile, Charlie was angry with Quinn for not contacting him and nervous around their baby. He was also perplexed to see Quinn and Papa Pope bonding. He later apologized to Rowan for fighting him, but said he’d “take over” and they’d leave in the morning. Papa Pope insisted Quinn and the baby had to stay in the house and keep up the charade for their safety, and Charlie accused him of trying to “take” his family since he “lost” his.

Quinn agreed with Papa Pope, prompting Charlie to suggest killing Olivia. Quinn said she rather get “justice” and take the time to put Liv in jail. “I’m sorry, Charlie, but you’re gonna have to go,” she told him. As he started giving an awkward goodbye to the baby, Rowan showed Charlie how to properly hold her, allowing them to bond for the first time.

Amidst all this, Mellie confronted Jake over Rashad’s assassination and demanded he get Olivia back to the White House or face death. He in turn confronted Cyrus for going to Mellie, threatening him to “shut this down” or be killed. “Fine, kill me,” he told Jake, taunting, “You’re not scary, you’re a baby.” Jake started to slit Cyrus’ neck with a scissor before backing down.

Cyrus told Mellie “the time is talking for over” and predicted neither Jake nor Olivia would “go quietly into the night.” She wanted time to think things through and he accused her of being too “dependent” on Liv. Olivia’s security detail wouldn’t tell Jake where she was. He went to her apartment, only to find Mellie and Secret Service agents there. She asked point-blank if Liv killed Rashad, to which he said, “I think you already know the answer to this.” She demanded to know why, prompting him to spit, “Because you couldn’t keep your damn legs closed.”

Through her door, Fitz told Olivia she was “wrong” for “once in your life.” He vowed, “I’m not going anywhere, Liv.” The next morning, Olivia emerged with a hand-written resignation statement. “As for B613, that will take time,” she said, as Jake would have to “dismantle” it. “I’m not admitting I was wrong,” Liv told the group. “What I can admit is I have to stop.” Through tears, she said she wanted to apologize to Quinn “but I can’t, so I’m saying it to all of you while I still can.” Olivia said she would make her resignation official that night, but didn’t know what would come next. Fitz assured her she was doing the right thing and they’d go back to D.C. together.

Jake discouraged Mellie from meeting with White House counsel. She ranted about Fitz being able to “spill his DNA all over of this White House” with Olivia, yet she wasn’t killed like Rashad. “This isn’t about B613, Jake. This is about Olivia. She’s bad for this country and if you can’t see that, you’re as big a fool as I’ve been,” Mellie told him.

Jake confronted Liv at her apartment over reuniting with Fitz, and she told him it wasn’t what he thought. “It’s tomorrow’s problem. Tonight I’m about to lose every last friend I ever had, except you,” she said, kissing him. And as the group watched the nightly press briefing, she and Jake were hooking up. Olivia never delivered her resignation. “She played us,” Abby realized.

The next morning, Olivia told Jake, “We need to get back to work.” She ordered him to get Mellie off her “high horse,” though he was reluctant. He presented Mellie with a “kill folder” filled with all of her own dirty deeds, “courtesy of Olivia Pope.” He told Mellie she couldn’t “survive” without B613 and needed someone devoted to that and her. Meanwhile, David, Abby, Marcus and Huck debated how to prosecute Olivia, but Fitz said there’d be no way without exposing B613. “I’m sorry, Huck. It’s just not worth it,” he said. At the end, Olivia arrived back at the White House to discover Jake was replacing her as Chief of Staff. “What did you do?!” she yelled at Mellie.

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