“Scandal” Recap: “Army Of One”

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Scandal Recap February 8 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap February 8 2018


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia tried to save her position as Mellie’s Chief of Staff. Here are the most important things to know about “Army Of One,” the 11th episode of season 7.

The show began where last week’s ended, with Olivia confronting Mellie over making Jake her chief of staff. “Please tell me you are not this stupid,” Liv said to her. Mellie in turn said she’d be “stupid” if she continued to trust her. Olivia copped to killing Rashad, and Mellie told her, “You have to go.” Liv tried to insist that her anger was letting Jake come between them. “Don’t do this,” she begged. Mellie gave her until the end of the week to resign, or she’d publicly announce her “termination.” “You have to go,” she told Olivia.

The media speculated about Olivia possibly leaving the administration while Jake and Vanessa met with David for the vetting process. Jake told them they have an “open marriage” and he approved of Vanessa engaged in an affair. He later told Mellie he wanted to share B613 with her… just as the power in the work space cut out. He knew Olivia was behind it and told her, “This only ends one way — you lose.” But Olivia told him, “You can’t take Command.” IT wasn’t able to fix Jake’s computers, which Olivia had taken off the network with help from a guy named Hector, who used to be close with Papa Pope.

Quinn thought they had a “real shot” of building a case against Olivia without the White House backing her, but Papa Pope was convinced Liv would “rise again.” Quinn suggested he didn’t want to strike against Olivia because he didn’t want her and Robin to leave. “We are not your family,” she told him. He shot back, “You don’t want to play tough with me… Not when I have your child in my hands.” He showed how easily he could hurt the baby, and said that like Quinn wants to protect Robin, he wants to protect Olivia.

Abby convinced Charlie to take on a new client at QPA: A state department employee named Robert who discovered his bank account suddenly had $12 million in it. A Russian email told him it was a “signing bonus” and he was now in their “service.” “I just want all this to go away. Can you do that?” he asked. Abby discovered that he was actually taking secret meetings, which he insisted weren’t “treason.” He confessed that he was really having an affair with a married woman. It was revealed to be Jake’s wife when the media broke the story, suggesting the NSA was compromised with Vanessa “selling state secrets” with Robert.

The leak was orchestrated by Olivia, who drafted Jake a resignation letter. He insisted to Mellie that Liv was framing Robert and Vanessa for espionage when it really was just a plain, old affair. She urged David to “prove” Liv was behind the scandal and “make it go away.” At a QPA meeting, Robert awkwardly apologized to Jake for the affair as Huck and Charlie unsuccessfully tried to track the $12 million to Olivia. Abby vowed to “figure something out.”

Amidst this, Cyrus asked Mellie what Jake had “on” her, and she insisted she wasn’t a “victim,” but the one in control. He was enraged, prompting the president to tell him, “Liv is out, Jake is in and that’s all you need to know. So either get on board and be my vice president or be someone I have to deal with.” Olivia later went to Cyrus and deemed him her “secret weapon.” She said he would’ve done the same as her to save Mellie’s presidency, and that after pushing her out, Jake will target him next.

After their talk, Cyrus went to Mellie and Jake with a “way out” — Vanessa did a TV interview denying the affair, insisting she was only meeting with Robert as a part of a sting operation that was supposed to expose him as a “spy.” She claimed she scored a “full confession… and left the rest to the professionals.” Olivia was furious that the media bought it, as was Richard, as he was now wrongly branded a “Russian spy.”

Cyrus later delivered Olivia a private memo in which Mellie illegally asked the head of the CIA to corroborate Vanessa’s story. But Liv didn’t want to take down Mellie, just Jake. Cyrus, though, had his eyes set on getting Mellie impeached. “If there’s going to be a snake in the Oval, don’t you think it should be me?” he menacingly said. He urged Olivia to tell the public she wasn’t resigning, but was being forced to “step down” as part of a “conspiracy.” That way, he said, they’d both “stay alive.”

Meanwhile, Papa Pope apologized to Quinn, who said that “sooner or later,” he’d have to choose between her and Olivia. She promised not to go after Liv if he allowed her to flee with Charlie and go off the grid. “If you spare us, then we’ll spare your child. Deal?” she asked. At the same time, Abby and Huck suggested to Charlie they shut down QPA as it felt “wrong” without Quinn. He refused and ran out, going to talk to Quinn at Rowan’s. Papa Pope pulled a gun on him, saying Quinn had left an hour prior… presumably with him.

As Mellie waited for a mammogram, Olivia told her she wouldn’t be stepping down and would instead be calling for her resignation. She passed on the memo and offered “advice” on the “best way to resign.” When Mellie returned home, she discovered a baby in her apartment… Robin. Quinn emerged from the shadows and pulled a gun. She handed Olivia a written confession outlining all of her crimes and demanded she sign it or die. Liv insisted trained B613 snipers would take her out, and sure enough, a shot was fired into the building. But it struck Olivia in the shoulder, leading Quinn to flee.

In the final minutes, Mellie told Jake about Olivia’s latest tactics and said she was going to “admit” to the CIA memo and “take the fall.” A bleeding Liv went to Papa Pope, who stitched her up. She called him out for faking Quinn’s death, and cried, “She hates me, dad.” He awkwardly comforted her. The next day, Olivia faced the press. “Unfortunately, my time working for this administration has come for an end,” she said, officially announcing her resignation. “It’s now time for me to move on,” she declared, promising her continual support for Mellie. At the very end, Quinn, Charlie and Robin reunited with Huck and Abby at QPA.

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