“Scandal” Recap: “The Miseducation Of Susan Ross”

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Scandal Recap March 31 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 31 2016


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia had to decide what to do with the information she received about Susan. Here are the most important things to know about “The Miseducation Of Susan Ross,” the 16th episode of season 5.

The show began with the Republican debate featuring Mellie, Hollis, and Susan. But while the other two sparred, Susan froze up. Liz blamed David for “breaking her heart” and threatened to “end” him. But as the debate went on, Susan got a bit of her mojo back when discussing her husband’s military death and her refusal to be “silent.” At the end, David came on stage with her as planned, and “The Liberty Report” declared Susan the debate’s winner.

Mellie took the loss hard, believing “America hates me.” Olivia, however, insisted they would win in the end, telling her, “I will get you the Oval, come hell or highwater.” She then told the Gladiators that Susan is a liar, and her “husband” wasn’t her husband. Liv vowed to find out why, and take her down.

The next day, Olivia forced Marcus to accompany Mellie to California as Quinn and Huck worked on the investigation. They couldn’t find a marriage certificate for Susan and John, and determined that he wasn’t the father of her daughter, either. Liv went to Alex to try to get more info out of him, and gave him another kernel on Edison in exchange.

As it turns out, Susan’s actual baby daddy, Ronnie, was in prison, and he initially played dumb about the affair they had while she was with John. Olivia told him that she could get him freed if he agreed to come forward about the paternity. Huck objected to the plan, arguing Susan’s daughter didn’t deserve to have her family ripped apart.

When Ronnie refused to go ahead, Olivia flipped out on him, threatening to get more time tacked on to his sentence. Quinn was stunned at how hard Liv went, but backed her up. A scared Ronnie finally agreed, and the paternity test indeed confirmed he was the father of Susan’s daughter. Olivia told Huck and Quinn to go to the media, but Huck thought she was “crossing a line.”

Quinn went to Abby for advice, telling her Liv was replacing her “white hat” with a “black skull cap.” It all led to Fitz showing up at OPA to give her his own advice, but Olivia called him out for trying to “shame” her into not ruining his candidate’s campaign. Their relationship, of course, was the subtext of the fight that ensued, particularly when Fitz said he was a “victim” in how he got elected. “We have the chance to do things differently now,” he told her, saying they could run an “honorable campaign. “We’re not these people anymore, Liv,” he insisted. “We don’t have to be these people anymore.”

As all this was going on, while backstage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Mellie had to be convinced to do “Mean Tweets,” and Marcus became increasingly annoyed with her, and even said she’d “never be president.” And Susan was still angry with David and frustrated that she now had to “sell” their supposed “love story.” David suggested they put out a statement about an amicable split, but she thought there was no breakup story that would make her look good. He then begged for forgiveness, insisting he loved her and wanted to be together.

Menawhile, Frankie initially didn’t want to use the info Olivia gave Alex on Edison’s time in rehab, but caved, and they leaked the story to the media. Cyrus thought it would come back to bite them, but Frankie insisted his brother wouldn’t steer him wrong after successfully managing his first two campaigns. Edison told Papa Pope that Olivia was to blame, as she was the only one who knew this part of his past, and the two men had an argument about who was the real “boss” between them. The rehab facility went on record denying Edison received treatment there, and ripped Frankie’s campaign. Alex thought Olivia “screwed” him, but she suggested that someone actually paid the head nurse off to lie.

Fitz told Susan what Liv was planning, and offered to “make this go away”… but suggested she “come clean” instead. He told her to “own up” to her “mistake” and ask for the public’s “forgiveness,” though he couldn’t guarantee America would support her. She thought she’d be “destroyed” by her lies, but told her she’d actually be destroyed if she didn’t “earn” the presidency. He then confessed how he was elected. “I hope who you want to be is better than me,” he told her.

At the end of the episode, Marcus made up with Mellie, and told her to show America she has a side “American can fall in love with.” Susan went to tell Fitz she made a decision, but he interrupted her saying he had “difficult news.” Ronnie, who Olivia thought was going to do a news interview, hung himself in his cell. An angry Frankie gave one of Alex’s jobs to Cyrus, and it was revealed Cyrus used Tom to get the rehab to lie. Susan and David did TV interviews about their supposed relationship, Mellie’s “Kimmel” appearance went well, and Liv told Quinn she needed her “help.”

Fitz arrived, and Olivia told him she wants to win, but “cleanly” and walk away with her “pride” and “dignity.” Over a drink, he vowed to “kick [her] ass.” Next week, though, Liv might finally cross that line.


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