“Scandal” Recap: “Mercy”

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Scandal Recap April 27 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap April 27 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” the White House was locked down so Olivia and everyone could team up to fight Peus and Ruland. Here are the most important things to know about “Mercy,” the 12th episode of season 6.

The show began the morning after Olivia and Fitz hooked up, with her visiting her father in protective custody. Papa Pope wanted to flee the county, but Fitz warned he was “still a prisoner.” A guilt-ridden Abby lashed out to a clueless Leo as Frankie’s widow called on the White House to honor the people’s vote. Charlie gave Huck the cold shoulder over his closeness with Quinn, and Jake buried Liz in the woods, where David gave a brief eulogy.

Ruland, the scheming woman, reminded Mellie that they’re in charge, and her partner Peus ordered Olivia to get Jake’s resignation so he himself could be vice president. Jake refused, but Olivia warned they’ll kill him otherwise. So, at a press conference, he stepped off the ticket. At the same time, the others orchestrated a scheme that trapped Ruland in a secure White House room with Abby under the guise of a drone threat, controlled by Huck, that required a lockdown. The goal: To end Ruland and Peus’ hold on Mellie and the presidency.

As they all brainstormed how to take them down, Cyrus suggested he instead be nominated as Mellie’s new vice president. Papa Pope was asked for his input, but wouldn’t contribute until Fitz admitted, “We need your help.” Even then, he refused, calling it a “suicide mission.” He and Fitz squabbled, as did Mellie and Cyrus. The president even needed to be held back by Jake, and Rowan suggested he was only getting “mercy” because they all knew the battle was already lost.

Cyrus later confronted him for killing Frankie, and the two threatened to kill one another, but Cyrus backed down. Fitz comforted David over his insecurity for being targeted by Ruland, and Jake accused Olivia of only fighting this hard because she was seemingly back with Fitz. “You know he’s not the answer,” he told her. She in turn called him “jealous,” and said she wasn’t looking to be saved, and had already saved them both. Now Mellie needed to be saved.

Marcus vowed to protect Mellie, and encouraged her not to “give up.” He urged, “You’re a leader. So let us worry about the gun to your head. We need you to do your job.” Amidst this, Ruland accused Abby of lying about why they were locked down. With time running out, Mellie resolved to name her own vice president and extended her hand to Cyrus, who now said he didn’t want it. Olivia said the person would have to be “pure,” “unimpeachable,” and “brave.”

Meanwhile, with Charlie MIA, Huck told Quinn her fiancé thinks they have “feelings” for one another. She later tracked him down and told Charlie that he did see “love” between them, but it wasn’t a love like theirs. Towards the end, with Ruland still locked up despite the lifted lockdown, Mellie seized the opportunity to address the press. She announced her new VP pick: Frankie’s widow, Luna Vargas.

Olivia told Ruland afterward, “I took Mellie back. I am now her chief of staff and you are now our prisoner.” She was then cuffed, with Liv saying, “You can’t take Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope takes you.” Now she and Abby were ready to fight Peus, but a promo for next week suggests devastating consequences.

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