“Scandal” Recap: “Lost Girls”

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Scandal Recap October 26 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap October 26 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia and Mellie were both caught up in love triangles. Here are the most important things to know about “Lost Girls,” the fourth episode of season 7.

The show began with Curtis leaving after he and Olivia found Fitz outside her door. Fitz claimed he was there for her help with a project on missing girls. She was angered and told him to go to Quinn for assistance. Liv then asked Jake to investigate the real reason Fitz was in Washington. “It doesn’t feel right,” she said. Fitz told Papa Pope that getting her involved in the case would help get Olivia back on track, but Rowan said Liv needed to fall back in love with him, not a cause.

Malcolm enlisted QPA on the missing girls’ case, and they chose to focus on a straight-A student named Zoe. He also convinced Olivia to come on board. She told them to change their focus to Zoe’s mom, who was desperate to find her daughter. Fitz later suggested they get a drink, but she was non-committal. He and Zoe’s mom appeared on Curtis’ show to plead the case, and he called Fitz out for not taking action on this “crisis” during his presidency. As they sparred, he revealed he might come back to Washington permanently. Papa Pope later told Olivia she couldn’t be Command of B613 AND be with Fitz. He stressed how “alone” she is due to her secret activities and warned her to “learn from me.”

Mellie and President Rashad continued to bond before the nuclear summit with Prime Minister Nazari. She was excited to “make history” with the treaty. When Malcolm went to the White House to see Mellie, Olivia refused to grant him access. At the first meeting, the Prime Minister was convinced Mellie and Rashad had a secret deal to “screw” his country, after which Olivia said their blossoming connection was “obvious.” Mellie denied it and later fought her obvious feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Cyrus wrestled with what to do with Fenton Glackland’s expensive painting, particularly due to ethics rules. When he went to decline the gift, they ended up hanging out and Fenton suggested they hook up, prompting him to bolt. Mellie was intrigued by the possible coupling, but Cyrus insisted Fenton is “beneath me.” She confessed her crush on Rashad and her fear about using her office for romance like male presidents before her.

At the next meeting, Mellie brought the two sides together just as Bashrani security burst in to reveal a coup took place and Rashad was no longer president. Olivia was furious they didn’t see this coming, and Jake told her it was her fault: “Are you Command or are you someone’s girl? You can’t be both.” Mellie wanted to send in U.S. military to preserve Rashad’s government and grant him sanctuary in the meantime. Liv didn’t want to “let” Mellie go to “war” for him, but Mellie insisted that he and the nuclear treaty were worth saving.

When Olivia went home to drink and think, Fitz showed up, asking to get Mellie to speak on behalf of the case. She saw through him, though, and demanded to know why he was really there. He screamed, “Because you are here! Because I love you!” He insisted they’re better together and she gave in to her feelings for a hookup. The next day, Mellie confessed her feelings for Rashad to Olivia, but insisted that wasn’t clouding her judgment. “This time, I want it to be my call,” she said. “Just one time.” Liv was now game, telling her, “You are never alone. You have me.” And she gave her not just documents on a troop plan, but files on the missing girls’ case.

In the final minutes, Quinn told Zoe’s mom she was found alive while Cyrus told Fenton he was buying the painting from him for just $20 bucks and political lessons. At the end, Jake told Olivia that Fitz’s return was really because of Papa Pope and she went to confront him. Next week, everyone is mad at Liv.

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