“Scandal” Recap: “I See You”

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Scandal Recap March 17 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 17 2016


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia was preoccupied with spying on Jake as Susan and Mellie’s rival presidential campaigns heated up, and Abby went after Cyrus. Here are the most important things to know about “I See You,” the 13th episode of season 5.

The show began with Olivia having dinner with Papa Pope, Jake, and Vanessa as they all talked wedding plans. At the same time, Quinn and Charlie were bugging his apartment so she could spy on them. Paying little attention to anything else, Olivia became fixated on watching surveillance footage, which included Jake and Vanessa hooking up. Jake, however, discovered the bugs, and told Liv, “Show’s over.”

He accused her of being pathetically jealous, which she denied, instead demanding to know what he was really planning. Jake blamed her actions on Fitz, saying he screwed her up and made her the “biggest fool,” a “textbook example of daddy’s issues played out on the national stage.” He insisted he was in love with Vanessa, who was “capable of loving [him] back.”

Governor Francisco (Frankie) was officially a candidate for president, and Abby became suspicious that Cyrus was working with him. She asked Quinn to investigate, but Quinn said she was too busy running OPA while Liv tracked Jake. With David’s help, Abby learned Frank and Cyrus were definitely in contact. Cyrus played dumb when Abby asked him about Frank’s campaign, insisting he was “out of the election game.” He flipped when she accused him of lying and threatened to “have [her] job.”

He ultimately confessed Frankie asked him to run his campaign, but that it didn’t go further than that and he didn’t “violate [his] oath” to Fitz. Abby didn’t believe him, and Cyrus promised to “make it right.” She went to Olivia to vent, revealing she had the info to take Cyrus down and get the Chief of Staff job. It was clear she was on an uncharacteristic power trip, and Liv thought she should “wait [her] turn” and “not let that place corrupt” her.

Abby later told all about Cyrus’s association with Frankie to Fitz, and was stunned by his under-reaction. He said he couldn’t do anything about it, because dismissing him would take the narrative away from Susan’s campaign. “Cyrus has me. Cyrus wins again,” he told her. Abby disagreed, and said they should “neutralize him” by giving him a publicly graceful exit. “Fire him, hire me,” she declared. But he said if she wants the job, she would have to do the firing.

Against Olivia’s advice, Mellie met with oil lobbyist Hollis Doyle, who said he’d give her $500 million if she promised to take down the EPA. Liz, however, wanted Hollis to be aligned with Susan’s campaign, and Fitz reluctantly agreed. Liv assured Mellie, “There’s always more money,” and the campaign is a “marathon,” but her lack of support pissed Mellie off.

At a White House meeting, Susan tried to woo Hollis, but Fitz still had palpable dislike for him. In front of him, Fitz told Susan that she didn’t need to compromise her environmental principles just to get his money. That sent Hollis back to Mellie. She tried to get him on board with some of her “Embrace America’s Tomorrow” campaign ideas, and he vowed his support. But the next day, he announced his own candidacy for president, and stole her campaign promises before Mellie could say them herself. Susan was also furious, and blamed Fitz for jeopardizing her own candidacy. From now on, she said, this was “the Susan Ross Show.”

Meanwhile, Huck was upset to see another man playing father-figure to his son. He told Charlie, “Remember that guy we tried to kill? I think he’s back and after my family.” Charlie didn’t recognize him, but was duped by Huck’s concerns. Huck later approached the guy, Shawn, as he was stranded with a broken-down car and offered to take him to a gas station.

After Quinn and Marcus figured out what Huck was up to, they enlisted Olivia to hopefully stop any damage before it was too late. They found Huck’s car abandoned, and Quinn ripped Olivia for “abandoning them” for the White House and being too busy spying on Jake. “Why do you hate us?!” Quinn screamed at her. Liv then exploded and said she “doesn’t owe anyone anything” after everything she’s been through.

Just then, Huck showed up with Shawn’s unconscious body and said, “It wasn’t him.” He confessed to Olivia who Shawn was, and that he was planning to propose to his ex. He realized he didn’t need to be the hero for his family because Shawn already was. “It’s time to move on,” he said. Olivia later told Quinn that she could be “selfish” because she knew Quinn would always take care of everything, and that satisfied her.

At the end of the episode, Abby told Cyrus to hand over his badge and vacate the premises. “I can’t believe you told him,” he said. Olivia asked Jake for a “truce,” saying she would “stop with the crazy.” She blamed her stalking on missing him, and said she was selfish for wanting one thing from him and another from Fitz. “I’m sorry, Jake,” she told him. But when Vanessa joined them, she had an epiphany about what Jake was up to, and told Quinn to up the surveillance.


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