“Scandal” Recap: “Head Games”

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Scandal Recap May 11 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap May 11 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia and Fitz considered their future as his presidency neared its end. Here are the most important things to know about “Head Games,” the 14th episode of season 6.

The show began with Marcus assuring the press that the “threat” was “gone.” Nine days to January 20, Olitz celebrated in bed, Mellie and Luna prepared to take the Oval, and Quinn tried on wedding dresses with “maid of honor” Huck.

Olivia encouraged Fitz to make up with Abby. She, too, asked him for forgiveness, which he wasn’t ready to give. He distracted himself with plans for upcoming pardons and his final TV appearance, in which he’d convey his goodbye to the American people. He clashed with Marcus over the tone and substance of his remarks, particularly on racial matters.

Quinn, Charlie and Huck wondered if OPA would be shut down. Olivia, however, asked them to pick a case for Fitz to investigate as a potential pardon. Quinn suggested a black man named Sean, who was imprisoned for lynching a white supremacist, despite a lack of evidence tying him to the case. He maintained his innocence, and now hoped Fitz would deliver justice. Huck and Quinn concluded it was the witness who pointed the finger at Sean who was actually responsible for the murder.

Quinn was put off by Olivia’s disinterest and preoccupation with helping Mellie set up her cabinet. When Olivia didn’t want to take the case to Fitz, Quinn lashed out, asking, “When did you stop gladiating?!” Liv slammed back and demanded she “shut this case down.” Charlie told Quinn, “Just because Olivia traded her white hat for the White House doesn’t mean we have to stop being gladiators.” Inspired, she took the case to Fitz herself, who was unswayed since Liv wasn’t on board. Quinn still “demanded” he sign the pardon and ranted that Olivia wasn’t the same anymore.

Papa Pope told David he was “retiring” to a tropical locale, and David asked for his help finding out Ruland’s real identity. Rowan advised him to “move on,” but gave him Ruland’s decapitated head for DNA testing. David had Abby store it at her apartment while Jake tested DNA from it. Abby and David lamented how far they’ve fallen from their honorable ways, and commiserated over both being targeted by Ruland. Jake learned her real name was Gertrude, and discovered she and Peus weren’t actually in charge, but actually “taking orders from someone else.”

Meanwhile, Papa Pope told Olivia he was saying goodbye for good so as not to risk her future power. Though she urged him to just “take a break and then come back,” they had a tearful farewell. Mellie considered making Marcus her communications director, convinced their romance was over. When she offered the job, he said he’d be running Fitz’s foundation. As she tried to convince him, he declared, “I’m not Olivia Pope,” and they, too, had an awkward goodbye.

Towards the end of the episode, Fitz gave his final interview with Noah, admitting he “could’ve done more” and announcing he’d be pardoning Sean. He also said his foundation would work on similar cases and aid families affected by incarceration. Asked for his legacy, Fitz replied, “For now, I’d like them to say he’s just getting started.”

Quinn thought Olivia was mad at her for going directly to Fitz, but Liv revealed she was actually testing her to see if she was ready to take over OPA and stand up against her and the White House as needed. “Quinn, this is your office now,” Liv declared. At the end, Jake uncovered the “bigger bad.” The show then cut to Olivia stopping her father from leaving. She, Jake, and Fitz wanted him to help take on the real enemy: Olivia’s mom. Now next week is the two-hour season finale.

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