“Scandal” Recap: “Good People”

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Scandal Recap January 25 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap January 25 2018


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” it was revealed what really happened after Quinn was kidnapped. Here are the most important things to know about “Good People,” the ninth episode of season 7.

The show began with a rapid-fire rewind of footage from the last couple of episodes. It ended with Papa Pope buying a suitcase for a “big adventure” and Quinn entering the elevator at QPA for her wedding. The elevator stalled, Papa Pope peered down from above, and then he walked out of the building rolling the suitcase. Quinn then awoke chained in Rowan’s basement, stunned to see “you” as her captor. “My team is coming,” she insisted, but he said no one would get through his bunker and his friends thought she ran away, anyway. He promised, though, that she would be “out of here tonight” once he “traded” her.

Papa Pope then had his dinner with Olivia in which he demanded his bones back in exchange for Quinn’s freedom. Angry after Liv refused, Rowan retrieved weapons hidden in his home and vowed to himself that he would kill Quinn if Olivia didn’t comply within three days. The next day, he returned to the store to buy a crib for his “daughter” and then returned to Quinn, who realized Olivia wouldn’t make the trade. “I’m already dead and you’re never going to be free,” she cried to him.

Papa Pope later met at a pub with the store staffer who helped him. The man offered his employee discount, which he accepted to buy baby supplies. Meanwhile, Quinn hallucinated Charlie and later Huck, which made her realize while her baby may survive, she would likely not. The following day, Rowan had his meeting with Jake, who warned him to back off. Afterward he realized his weapons were gone and he took the store staffer aback when he asked to buy a gun, but convinced him to go along with it.

As Rowan rightly suspected, Jake had a camera in his house filming him. The show then cut to him pulling the gun on Olivia and demanding her to choose between Quinn’s life and his freedom. Unbeknownst to them, Quinn was trying to figure out an escape and continued to hallucinate the crew advising her. She overheard Papa Pope and Olivia talking and, after previously watching the scene from Olivia’s perspective, when she heard the gunshots, viewers now saw it from Rowan’s perspective.

When he went into the bunker, Quinn attacked him, causing the gun to fire. He got the upper-hand back and as she begged for her life, he fired a shot. He then went up to Olivia, asking, “Do you want to see the body?… I’ve earned my freedom.” Liv told him to “wait a few days” and then find a way to return the body so she could be buried.

But after she left, it was revealed Quinn heard Olivia and Papa Pope’s conversation in detail, which made her realize that the hairpin Liv had given her was her way out of the chains. Viewers then saw that when Rowan fired the shot, he hit the wall next to her. Quinn was still alive. He even let her go upstairs for a drink, at which point her water broke and she went into labor. She wanted to go to a hospital, but he refused. And when she tried to run out, Rowan rendered her unconscious.

She was in and out of it as Papa Pope had the store employee deliver the baby. Quinn later awoke in Olivia’s old bedroom to find Rowan holding her healthy baby. She realized she’d have to stay hidden there and he promised, “You’re safe here, until we can figure out how to proceed.” Quinn actually told him, “You’re a good person.” He replied, “We’re all good people when someone gives us a chance to be.”

When she later realized there were enough clothes to fit the baby for two years, Quinn angrily confronted Papa Pope in the basement, where she discovered him cleaning up after killing the store employee. She was horrified, but he expressed regret, explaining, “Mothers and children first.” Next week, the group stages an intervention for Olivia and asks if she killed Quinn.

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