“Scandal” Recap: “Extinction”

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Scandal Recap March 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 16 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” the truth about Frankie’s assassination was finally revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “Extinction,” the sixth episode of season 6.

The show began 53 days before the election, when Papa Pope was sent a dinosaur figurine in the mail and then visited a paleontology professor named Sandra, an old love interest. She invited him to partner on a new project, and he happily accepted.

Olivia told her father about Mellie’s romance with Marcus, and he urged her to break them up for the sake of the Oval. He called love a “weakness,” and didn’t answer when Liv asked if he ever gets lonely. Later setting up Sandra’s office, he discovered a camera hidden in the wall. And while his associate, Adam, confirmed she was “clean,” the collector for whom she was supposedly working didn’t actually exist.

Papa Pope scanned Olivia’s apartment for cameras and bugs, now concerned for her safety. He then wooed Sandra, before pulling a gun on her, demanding to know with whom she was working. She tearfully said, “They want you. That’s all I know.” He then met the murderous organizers, who said all they wanted was Mellie in the White House. Papa Pope agreed, as long as Sandra “walks free.”

He assured Sandra “I got you,” and they hooked up. Afterward, he ordered Adam to find out how to “deliver a win.” But Olivia found out they rigged voting machines, and blasted him for trying to steal the election. She also revealed she “undid it.” He angrily told her she and Mellie would now lose. “Don’t you have any faith in me at all?” Liv tearfully asked.

Papa Pope wanted to get Sandra out of the country, but she refused. With no progress made to fix the election, Sandra was kidnapped on the eve of the election and he was ordered to kill Frankie on election night and frame Cyrus to get her back. Papa Pope then gave Adam the identity of Nelson McClintock, and ordered him to await further instructions.

On election night, Adam was set up for the assassination across the street, while Papa Pope went beneath Frankie’s victory stage. He was going to shoot him from a hole in the floor, but couldn’t pull the trigger. He regained his resolve, however, and fired multiple shots. After, Adam fired from his position to make it seem like the assassination bullets came from there.

As he made his escape, Papa Pope was stopped by a cop, who was then shot by Adam, who was then given a final mission. “Sorry, son,” Papa Pope told him. Adam, believed to be McClintock, was arrested, and Papa Pope returned to the master organizers and demanded Sandra’s release. She was let go unharmed, and Papa Pope told the bosses, “We are done.”

But they wouldn’t let him go, saying now that they know his “weakness,” Papa Pope would follow their commands. So what did he do? He killed Sandra himself, and announced, “I have no weaknesses. No one owns me. Our account is settled.” But they knew he had another weakness, Olivia, and revealed they had her in clear-shot range at all times. “Cyrus in jail. Mellie in the White House. Make that happen, then the real work begins,” he was told.

The episode then skipped to Olivia asking her father, “Was it you?” As viewers already saw, he denied shooting Frankie and pointed the finger at Cyrus, “the most dangerous predator.” Papa Pope then urged to take her “second chance at the Oval,” because it was “survival of the fittest.” It was now revealed Olivia didn’t know Sandra’s dead body was hidden there at the time.

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