“Scandal” Recap: “Even The Devil Deserves A Second Chance”

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Scandal Recap November 5 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap November 5 2015


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia had to deal with Papa Pope’s emergence from prison, as Fitz tried to fix his reputation with the American people. Here are the most important things to know about “Even The Devil Deserves A Second Chance,” the seventh episode of season 5.

The episode began with Fitz at a press conference apologizing to his family, including Mellie, and the public for the scandal of his affair, and asking for forgiveness. Inside the White House, all the staff celebrated that the impeachment hearings were called off, and Fitz and Olivia made up after the wedding drama. She played dumb, however, when he found out about her father’s “escape” from prison.

At her apartment, Jake blasted her for facilitating Papa Pope’s release, and revealed her dad was responsible for Elise’s death. But since she got the “mass murderer” out of prison, he said she actually “killed” his wife. After she tearfully listened to him rip her, Liv kicked him out… but not before he gave her a light kiss that was borderline creepy-sweet.

The next day, Olivia was thrilled to find out OPA had a new client, as Huck panicked about Papa Pope’s release and whether he’d bring back B613. The new client, Hannah, confessed to Liv that she was raped by Frank Holland, a Nobel Prize winner and women-supporting educator, who just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Fitz (in a storyline seemingly inspired by Bill Cosby and President Obama). Fitz was stunned and skeptical when Liv told him the college student’s story.

Olivia and Quinn went to Holland with Hannah’s allegations, which he called “insane,” revealing she plagiarized an essay for his class. Liv was furious about her “lie of omission,” and she said they needed to find other victims if anyone was going to believe her claims. Quinn and Marcus were able to do just that, with several women giving similar stories about receiving praise from Holland, and then being drugged and sexually assaulted.

Olivia again confronted Holland, now with all the new allegations and the revelation that he was stealing his wife’s own Oxycodone to drug the women. It quickly became clear that his wife actually knew about his actions. She both defended him, and vowed to protect his legacy.

Cyrus and Fitz disagreed over how best to deal with Papa Pope’s escape, and how the president should get back to his everyday business. Fitz enlisted Jake to help find Pope, and her ex kept it secret that Olivia was responsible for her father’s reemergence/disappearance. But Jake vowed to them both that when he found him, “I’m going to put a bullet in his head.”

Meanwhile, Abby met with the fired Liz, who revealed Sally wanted an exclusive interview about her brief time in the White House. She demanded a new White House job, however, in exchange for not doing the interview. Abby told Cyrus they should give Liz what she wants, but he went to David, who confronted her about potentially exposing “classified” information. Liz, however, insisted she couldn’t be stopped, and David later told Cyrus as much, leading him to advise Fitz to talk to Liz himself.

Cyrus was peeved, though, that Fitz was also getting advice from Olivia, who thought he should let Liz do the interview. And she did, praising Fitz and denouncing the impeachment attempt… after being promised a job as Susan’s new chief of staff. David went on to slam Liz for manipulating the president, but they very clearly had sexual tension, and she called him out on liking her. With that, they had a passionate in-office hookup.

In the episode’s final minutes, Olivia finally realized how to bring Holland down. As he gave a speech, all his victims, 22 in all, walked in and stood in front of the stage, each giving their stories as the media filmed. Afterward, Cyrus called Liv out for pulling off a “coup” by controlling Fitz. “He’s not President anymore, Olivia, you are,” he told her. Liv tried to reject the characterization, but was obviously bothered when she went to see Fitz.

He rattled off various issues he was dealing with and then updated her on father, saying, “That man is nowhere. I don’t think we’re ever going to find him. Sorry, Liv, but it looks like he’s disappeared for good.” And that was all it took for Olivia to start telling him what to do on each and every issue as the show ended. The promo for next week featured Olivia in a confrontation with Papa Pope, and Fitz seemingly finding out the truth about his escape. TELL US: What do you think of tonight’s “Scandal”?


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