“Scandal” Recap: “Dead In The Water”

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Scandal Recap April 6 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap April 6 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Huck’s fate was revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “Dead In The Water,” the ninth episode of season 6.

The show began with Meg shooting Jennifer and Huck, and stashing their bodies in a trunk. As Olivia told Quinn and Charlie about the conspirators, Jake revealed Jennifer was missing. It was quickly realized Huck was missing, too, and Meg may be a mole. After Quinn and Charlie found blood residue in the hotel room, panic set in.

Olivia told Abby Huck was missing, and she played dumb about his whereabouts and the conspirators. Liv wanted FBI help, and now it was Abby’s turn to panic. Fortunately, Huck was still alive in that trunk. Unfortunately, Meg pushed it off a cliff and into water below, where it sank. After resigning himself to his fate, a hallucination of Olivia, Quinn, Charlie, and Papa Pope motivated him to miraculously break out of the car and make it to shore, despite his wounds. He even fished out Jennifer’s dead body.

Samantha, the woman conspirator, told Abby Huck was dead and not to contact her again. She went to Fitz as a “friend,” and when she later went to OPA, Olivia slapped her three times. With photo proof of Abby with the conspirators, Liv demanded, “Don’t cross me again! Tell me everything!” Abby said her deal was “Jennifer for Cyrus,” and swore she didn’t know Huck would be harmed. Liv warned that Huck better be found alive or she’d “go over the cliff” like Quinn. “You messed with the wrong gladiator,” she declared.

Quinn and Charlie found Meg’s apartment emptied but discovered her hidden hard drive, and then, thanks to Jake, tracked her to an abandoned house. With a gun to her head, Quinn demanded, “Where is he?!” They physically tortured her, with Quinn cutting off a finger. Meg’s response, “No wonder Huck loved me instead of you.” So Quinn slit her throat.

Olivia was angered, having seen Meg as their “last hope at finding Huck alive.” Jake was convinced, “He’s dead… Huck is dead.” Charlie urged Liv to “do something” and “fix this,” but she was at a loss and thought Huck was dead, too. Charlie said Quinn wouldn’t rest until there was a body and they couldn’t “give up.” He told Olivia, “You are a miracle worker.” She finally agreed, “We’re not giving up… We’re pulling off the impossible.”

The crew, including Abby and Marcus, got back to work, realizing if they found Jennifer by tracking the phone Jake gave her, they’d likely find Huck, too. Quinn nearly attacked Abby when she found out her involvement, vowing, “I will kill you.” But Jake and Olivia ended up at the beach and found Huck passed out but alive.

All ended up at the hospital, where Huck was stabilized on life support. The doctor warned, however, of permanent brain damage and said Huck may not ever awake. Fitz arrived, with Olivia crying in his arms, “He might die.” Fitz revealed Abby confessed to him, and Olivia said she wouldn’t forgive her. Fitz responded, “You forgave me. I forgave you… She needs you. If anyone can save her, if anyone can pull her back, it’s the one person who got out. It’s Olivia Pope.”

Crying at his bedside, Quinn lashed out at Huck for being “stupid.” She promised, “From now on, I’ll look out for you. I’ll cover your blindspot… You just need to not die. I’ll never forgive you if you die.” As she started to leave, he awoke. Quinn crawled into bed with him, an intimate moment Charlie saw from afar. At the very end, Olivia sat next to a crying Abby and took her hand.

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