“Scandal” Recap: “Day 101”

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Scandal Recap October 19 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap October 19 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” viewers saw what Fitz was up to as a private citizen during Mellie’s first 100 days as president. Here are the most important things to know about “Day 101,” the third episode of season 7.

The show began with Fitz arriving at his Vermont home for the first time post-presidency, with the media speculating whether he’ll shine or fade away… and whether he’s done with Olivia. On Day 1, he found his home filled with staffers hired by Marcus and promptly let them go with a year’s severance. He became the first former president to actually drive himself on public roads and struggled with activating his debit card. He spent days adjusting as he took in news about a local student activist protesting a Confederate monument, and then started going through boxes of mementos from his presidency, finding an old gun gifted by his dad.

Marcus was unreachable because he was actually on vacation in Havana. His hookup, a maid at his hotel, said they couldn’t be seen together because society looks down on black Cubans. When he finally went to Vermont, he showed Fitz the land for his future library and museum. “This is our next chapter, Marcus. It’s gonna be a good one,” the former president declared. On Day 41, Fitz thought Mellie might “need” his support on her education bill. Marcus said he could not get involved this early in his ex-wife’s term. He asked Fitz to instead think about how much he wants Olivia, “America’s first-ever First Girlfriend,” featured in his library/museum. Fitz was taken aback by the idea and convinced Marcus to go unwind at a bar.

As they talked about the monument protest, Marcus admitted he missed being an activist and Fitz promised they’d “do great things” and “make a difference” as a “team.” Neither had spoken to Mellie or Olivia, and Marcus didn’t want to “talk about dating your ex-wife.” Fitz insisted he’s “let go” of Liv and that she shouldn’t be showcased in his eventual building any more than Cyrus. Marcus later suggested putting pressure on the mayor to help the student activist’s cause, but Fitz didn’t want to ruffle feathers. After a donor dinner, Marcus felt like he was being treated as the “help,” particularly as a donor made a racist comment. “You can’t fire me because I quit,” he told Fitz as they argued afterward. Fitz said Marcus was always “angry” and not everyone was “out to get” him, calling him a “bitter human being.”

Marcus felt he was painted as an “angry black man” and being used as a “glorified valet” by an “insane narcissist.” He said “a black woman held you up” and was responsible for his “accomplishments,” but Fitz was turning her into a “black ho.” Fitz in turn called him a “phony” and said he didn’t really want to be an activist because he wants “power” more. The two started physically brawling after Fitz repeatedly called him a “coward.” A Secret Service agent broke it up and Marcus stormed out. Marcus called Mellie afterward, telling her he was “quitting” because Fitz is disrespectful and “lazy.” She said this was “phase two” of a “relationship with Fitzgerald Grant,” when his privileged flaws come out. She told him he would “survive” and stage three would bring out Fitz’s “magic.” She further insisted Fitz is his “golden ticket to change the world,” but to be patient because the “weather’s changed.”

Following the fight, Fitz found Papa Pope in his home, holding the gun. He handed it over, saying, “If I wanted to kill another president, you would’ve been dead 30 seconds ago.” He revealed Olivia was now a “problem” who “shoplifted B613 right from under you” to be the new Command. He was skeptical, but said she’d at least “run it differently.” But Papa Pope said Liv was now the “dictator of a country that no longer exists,” who killed Luna on Inauguration Day. “There’s no American way, there’s Olivia’s way… Who runs the world? One girl,” he said. “You need to take care of this.” Fitz said Washington and Olivia were his “past” and he should “handle it” himself. Papa Pope said he has “no power” anymore and tearfully pleaded for help “pulling her back before she is gone.”

In the final minutes, later that night, Fitz was holding the gun as Marcus returned. He shared that Cyrus once predicted he’d “use this gun to blow my own brains out.” But he wasn’t going to do that, and they each took responsibility for what they said, vowing to get to know each other better. “Is Olivia Pope everyone’s world or just mine?” Fitz asked, saying he’d be going “back to Washington for a while” when Mellie’s 100-day period is up. But first, on Day 101, they joined the student’s protest, encouraging him to stick it out. The gesture reinvigorated the cause and led to the monument being taken down.

At the end, Fitz went to Olivia’s apartment, as seen at the end of last week’s episode. He was shocked when Liv showed up making out with Curtis. Next week: A love triangle!

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