“Scandal” Recap: “The Box”

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Scandal Recap May 4 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap May 4 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia faced the devastating consequences of battling Peus and Ruland. Here are the most important things to know about “The Box,” the 13th episode of season 6.

The show began with Mellie’s press conference naming Luna Vargas her new vice president. Immediately after, Fitz was alerted to nine drones hovering over major cities. Peus called Olivia, demanding control of Mellie and the release of Ruland, or he’d drop the bomb-carrying drones. As he made the threat, one was detonated in Dallas, killing more than 30 people.

Papa Pope still wanted to flee and invited Olivia to join him, but she refused. He warned that she’ll die if she stays. Fitz refused to negotiate with Peus, ordered David to investigate his fake super PAC, and had Jake’s NSA men try to track him down. Jake also interrogated Ruland, promising she could “go free” if she aided them. When she insisted she’d be tracked and killed, he cut a tracker out of the back of her neck.

Huck tried using the tracker to find its origin point, a move Peus shut down from afar and retaliated by detonating a bomb over Philadelphia, killing nearly 60. Fitz was skeptical that Olivia’s father had no useful information, leading them to confront him. The president even accused Papa Pope of still working with Peus, but Rowan angrily denied it.

Marcus declined to tell the press who was responsible for the attacks, while Abby vaguely told Luna they were “staying the course.” Despite being chief of staff, Fitz was shutting her out and invited former chief Cyrus into the inner circle. With Ruland cut off from all news sources, Jake told her they had Peus in custody and he’d get immunity for talking, while she’d get nothing. Ruland countered, “Give me his deal, I’ll give you everything.”

She requested David deliver the papers, and revealed her real name is Grace. “Can we start over?” she asked him, trying to get under his skin. He slammed her for murdering Liz, and said bluntly, “I hate you.” In response, she ripped up the deal, concluding he was bluffing about Peus being in custody. So angry, he struck her in the face. “You better hope that I never get out of here, David Rosen,” she snapped back, and he vowed she “never will.”

David uncovered a paper trail linking Peus’ fund to deliveries made to Papa Pope’s office. Old surveillance footage showed Rowan getting box after box, and becoming upset each time he looked inside, finding nothing but a brick. Fitz went to question him again, and Papa Pope admitted that if he stopped cooperating, they were going to send him Olivia’s severed head in place of the bricks. Fitz said this was their chance to take them down, but Rowan seemed resigned to this fate…

…Until he later came to Fitz to apologize and offered to confront Ruland. But as he was let into her holding cell, he grabbed a secret service agent’s gun, demanded Ruland be uncuffed, and asked her to guarantee his freedom in exchange for hers. Together, they escaped. “It’s over,” Mellie told Olivia, ready to go back to Peus’ control, but Liv refused to give up.

Ruland and Papa Pope reunited with Peus, who agreed Rowan could have his freedom. After Peus left, Rowan made a call saying, “He’s on the move.” The show then revealed it was all a plot with Fitz and Jake to trap Peus. Which Jake did, then shooting him, while Rowan killed Ruland by shanking her. “It’s over,” Fitz later declared to a relieved Olivia and Mellie. And now it really was.

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