“Scandal” Recap: “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself”

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Scandal Recap March 1 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap March 1 2018


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia was asked for help by Annalise of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Here are the most important things to know about “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself,” the 12th episode of season 7.

The show began a few months after Olivia’s resignation from the White House, with her giving a lecture called “How To Survive A Scandal.” Annalise introduced herself afterward and explained her class-action lawsuit for prisoners incarcerated due to overworked public defenders. She said she needed help fast-tracking the case to the Supreme Court and left her case file to be reviewed.

Quinn learned Olivia was teaching at DeWitt University, to which Abby said, “Good riddance.” Over drinks, Marcus was impressed when Liv told him about Annalise reaching out for assistance. He urged her to join the case, stressing the importance of racial solidarity. After looking into Annalise’s background and reading the documents, Olivia told Annalise it’s a worthy case but that Annalise herself couldn’t be the face, given her controversial past. “I thought you were supposed to be able to move mountains,” Annalise told her. Liv then agreed to help, but declared, “This is my town, my game, my rules.”

Olivia went to Fitz’s foundation for assistance, the first time they’ve spoken in months. “I can’t do it alone,” she told him, to which he said, “Olivia Pope asking for help, that’s’ a first.” She insisted she wasn’t looking for “forgiveness, but for help changing the world. The next day, Annalise’s associate, Michaela, was thrilled to be involved in the plans with Olivia and Fitz, who took them to meet with Mellie. The president was in favor of the case, but didn’t think the current Supreme Court justices would be favorable and declined to help.

Olivia privately accused Mellie of trying to “punish” her, while she accused Liv of looking for a “win” and “influence.” Olivia vowed, “We’re going to the Supreme Court with or without you.” Warned Mellie, “You do that, you’ll find yourself an adversary of the White House.” Mellie then sent Jake to Quinn, asking her to help get the case “stalled” and stop Olivia from amassing power again.

Annalise was angry that Olivia failed to convince the president to help, which Liv blamed on Annalise’s own past. Olivia then decided to “cut out the middle men” and went to the press to urge the Supreme Court to take the case. At the same time their side courted justices, Quinn’s side tried to do the same. It came down to Justice Spivey as the swing vote, and Annalise quarreled with Olivia over an interview. Michaela suggested they put aside their differences and do the talk together.

Meanwhile, Mellie, Jake and Quinn wanted to find dirty laundry they could hold over Spivey’s head to blackmail him to their side. To further derail the case, Mellie suggested leaking the real reason Olivia resigned from the White House. As Olivia and Mellie finally bonded as they got their done at a beauty parlor, the news broke about Liv being fired from the administration, with the accusation that she was using the case to settle a “personal vendetta.” Annalise was angered that Liv had been acting on a “pedestal,” and Liv in turn called her a “bully.” She then declared, “Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Olivia Pope and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, especially you.”

David and Abby, now fully back together, disagreed over the tactics being used to hurt the case, and Olivia confronted Quinn, telling her, “You’re on the wrong side of this fight.” They battled over each other’s motivations, “revenge” or “justice,” and Olivia said she’d “come to regret” getting involved. Liv later told Fitz they wouldn’t “win” because Annalise has “big problems,” to which he said she’s the one with issues. He gave her a pep talk about being “Oliva Pope,” but she cried, “I’m not that person anymore.” Fitz insisted, “You’re still you. They just don’t see it. You just don’t see it.”

Quinn was thrilled when Charlie found damaging info on Spivey, but Abby questioned playing “dirty” like this when they’re supposed to be Gladiators for good causes. Quinn passed the intel on to Jake, but started to realize this shouldn’t be about taking Olivia down. During their TV interview, Olivia acknowledged her firing and said she regretted the dissolution of her relationship with Mellie and “people I still love.” She then gave credit to Annalise as a “courageous fighter” with a case that should be focused on.

Annalise then made her pitch for criminal justice reform, asking for an “hour of the court’s time to hear our case and make a decision.” She and Olivia later bonded again over Liv’s signature combo of popcorn and wine as Marcus told them Spivey wouldn’t agree to hear the case. He and Michaela then drank over their loss, and forged a connection as he told her to “never stop fighting.” They were about to kiss when Michaela’s phone rang with a call from her boyfriend Asher.

In the final minutes, Quinn confessed to Olivia that Spivey was blackmailed. She went to the justice herself, and told him she could help bury his history if he agreed to “listen to your conscious.” Her moral appeal worked, as the case was added to the Supreme Court’s docket. Annalise branded Liv a “miracle worker,” and they agreed to keep working together. The two-hour crossover continued with “How To Get Away With Murder.”

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