“Scandal” Recap: “Adventures In Babysitting”

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Scandal Recap November 2 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap November 2 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal,” Olivia’s power trip had many key players upset with her. Here are the most important things to know about “Adventures In Babysitting,” the fifth episode of season 7.

The show began with Olivia reprimanding Papa Pope for his meddling. She had him order Fitz to “go home,” which just reinforced his determination to stay. The next day, Mellie made an address to the public about military intervention in Bashran to restore President Rashad’s power. The backlash was swift, and David pointed out that only Congress could declare war. Cyrus vowed to help on that front, while Rashad demanded his niece Yasmine be put under protection. Quinn and Charlie hid her away at QPA, but she was unhappy that her life at Darmouth was seemingly over.

Olivia and Jake developed a plan to make the two new ruling parties turn on each other so Rashad could swoop back in. She was shocked afterward to learn Fitz told Mellie “everything” about B613 and being Command, as well as Luna’s murder. “This gets out, I go down for it,” she railed, demanding, “Shut it down. This stops now.” She then ordered Liv to get “legal” approval for war in Bashran. Olivia in turn blasted her dad again for not successfully getting Fitz out of town and punished him by taking away his dinosaur project.

Fitz asked Jake about working for B613, only to be told, “You’re wasting your time, being here.” He called Olivia a “lost cause,” who was “always destined” to be Command. Following a hookup with Curtis, she asked him to do a softball interview with Rashad, and he initially refused to make a former human rights violator look good. But after her tongue-lashing about being on the right “side of history” now, he gave in. Liv tried to boast to Mellie, who brushed her off.

Fenton shadowed Cyrus as he pitched the war to senators, but was more interested in his phone. When Cyrus ripped him, he revealed he was actually doing data on whether the war would be financially worth it. He found it to be a “crappy product” that would make people unwilling to “buy anything” from Cyrus again. Cyrus then told Olivia that Congress was split 50-50 and he was not going to cast the tie-breaking vote in favor. Liv then threatened him with “war” from her, and he in turn questioned what good would come from losing him as an ally. “I’m still your friend, and as your friend I’m telling you, this war is a loser.”

Olivia blamed Fitz for interfering, but he told her, “Somewhere along the way you misplaced you White Hat. I handed it back to you.” She responded by belittling him and bragging about all the power she’s amassed, but he said he wasn’t leaving until “Olivia Pope” was “back.” Rashad wanted to go back to Bashran to save his people, but Mellie feared he’d be executed. They finally gave into their feelings with a kiss, but she stopped it, seemingly insulting him. And Cyrus thanked Fenton for his help, leading them to kiss, too.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s wedding planning was interrupted when Yasmine disappeared under Charlie’s watch, making her pissed at both of them. Yasmine was found at a rest stop with her girlfriend and brought back to QPA. She wanted to flee again, but Olivia said she’d have to stay in hiding longer. When Quinn said she should have focused from the start on what Yasmine wanted, it sparked Liv to ask Mellie, “What do you want?” She promised not to go behind her back anymore, but said she needed to know the “goal” going forward.

Mellie said she wanted Rashad, the nuclear treaty and the war. She rejected Olivia’s suggestion that they start a campaign because something had to be done “now.” It was a coded instruction to go the B613 route. “I don’t need to know any of the details,” she said. Liv replied, “Consider it handled, Madam President.” Towards the end of the hour, Mellie told Rashad he’d be returning to Bashran as president, and they had an emotional goodbye, though he vowed to come back. “I’m committed to his treaty and to you,” he told her. But she wouldn’t kiss him again.

Yasmine was told she had to go back to Bashran as well, with Quinn explaining that she could help revolutionize her country to actually have a future as a gay woman. Mellie felt she and Olivia were “back on track,” but Liv said she needed something: Her telling Fitz to leave town. In fact, Mellie told him that they were only to speak through a middle-man going forward, but whispered, “I’m sorry.” And Curtis bluntly told Olivia that he doesn’t like her, as she’s lacking “human” qualities. At the very end, Rashad and Yasmine’s plane exploded.

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