“Scandal” Premiere Recap: “Watch Me”

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Scandal Premiere Recap October 5 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Premiere Recap October 5 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal” premiere, it was 100 days into Mellie’s presidency, with Olivia amassing power. Here are the most important things to know about “Watch Me,” the first episode of season 7.

The show began with the announcement of Luna’s death and confirmation of Cyrus as the new vice president. Some time later, Olivia blackmailed a senator into voting in favor of legislation on free education. Papa Pope, who felt “imprisoned by his daughter,” warned her about the danger of her power grab. “I know you cannot have it all,” he told her. She responded, “Watch me.” And on a cable news show, Olivia sparred with a host named Curtis over the bill. He later asked her out.

Quinn Perkins & Associates begged David for client recommendations, just as a woman came in needing help to find her missing father, who disappeared after a symposium in a Middle Eastern country. They suspected the dad was actually a U.S. spy, leading Quinn to ask Olivia for help, but she blew her off because Jake was in her apartment after a hookup. They were in a friends-with-benefits relationship, but he seemed turned off. Jake later confirmed that the missing man was one of their top spies, and wanted him dead before he was tortured into talking to enemies. Using the budget of B613, he wanted to kill him without Quinn and Mellie’s knowledge. Olivia was hesitant to take down one of their own, prompting Jake to tell her that being “command” will get “easier.”

Huck quickly realized Jake and Olivia’s plan, and demanded she at least bring the body home. “You’re one of them now,” he told her. Guilt-ridden, Liv then blindsided Jake by telling Mellie they plan to rescue the man. “Murder will not be policy in my White House,” she told him, adding, “This isn’t my father’s B613.” Mellie met with the country’s ambassador, who seemed to deny that they were holding the guy. Jake warned Liv that he was being tortured in the meantime and letting them get valuable information that could lead to a nuclear incident.

Cyrus met with a Democratic senator, who suggested he tank the education legislation so he can pass it himself as president in a few years. “You are the liberal dream,” she told him, provoking the idea of “President Beene” running as a Democrat. Olivia told Cyrus that he needed to get the bill votes, and he felt minimized by the tasks she was giving him. That just pushed him towards the sabotage plan, but he was moved when Mellie genuinely thanked him for being a team with her. Cyrus then urged the senator to vote for the legislation, arguing that helping people now is more important than aiding the party in a few years. She caved, and Curtis gave Mellie (and Olivia) credit on his show for scoring the votes.

Jake convinced Mellie to get onboard with the killing plan and shut Olivia down when she protested. So, Liv went to the ambassador and blackmailed him into letting the man go at the same time Mellie authorized a team to strike. The mission was aborted when it was confirmed he had been brought to the U.S. embassy. Following the family reunion, Jake apologized to Liv for going behind her back. She said they were too “comfortable” with each other, and said he couldn’t be “sleeping with the boss.” She insisted, “This is over… Go home to your wife.”

In the final minutes, the senator called Olivia to tell her Cyrus “didn’t take the bait” and he’s “Team Mellie all the way.” Afterward, Mellie blasted Liv for crossing her with the rescue and they butted heads over who was in charge. “You follow my orders,” the president admonished her. Liv said she would not be ignored, that she was right “always,” and there’s “only us,” reminding her of their power and insisting she is the only one who has her back. Olivia demanded, “Start thinking of me as what I am: The boss.” At the very end, Liv arranged a hookup with Curtis.

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