“Scandal” Finale Recap: “Tick Tock” And “Transfer Of Power”

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Scandal Recap May 18 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Scandal Recap May 18 2017


On Thursday’s “Scandal” finale, Olivia tried to defeat her mother as Mellie’s inauguration and the end of Fitz’s presidency neared. Here are the most important things to know about the last episodes of season six.

Episode 15, “Tick Tock,” began with Papa Pope leading a search for Maya with Jake and David’s help. They concluded she wanted to topple the U.S. government to make the economy tank, so she could make billions by investing against the dollar. They determined she wanted to assassinate Mellie to enact her plan.

With the inauguration three days away, Olivia vowed to protect her by having a private ceremony. Quinn, now running OPA as her own, had Huck and Charlie monitoring Maya’s communications as Papa Pope, Jake and David also worked to stop the attack by arresting her. She insisted she had no plot other than to aid Olivia. Rowan and Olivia weren’t buying it, believing she hired an assassin to do the job for her and would eventually crack.

When Mama Pope broke down, Papa Pope offered her a visit with Olivia in exchange for information. She professed her innocence and insisted they work together for their daughter’s sake. Rowan was starting to believe her, but Olivia still had her doubts. Hitting dead ends, Quinn allowed Abby to join her investigation, and Fitz urged Mellie to cancel the public swearing-in for her safety.

Following a money trail, Huck learned Maya was the assassin. Olivia then went to Mama Pope, playing sympathetic and encouraging her to give up some information to be released. She saw right through it and refused to talk, leading Liv to strangle her until getting pulled off by Jake. She apologized to Mellie after for “failing” her, but Mellie still refused to cancel the inauguration.

Olivia wanted to let Maya go so they could follow her to whomever was paying her for the assassination, but Fitz refused. She and Jake released her anyway, demanding she be “bait” with an implanted tracking chip. Liv even vowed to kill her if Mama Pope tried crossing her. Towards the end, Quinn confessed to Abby that she’s pregnant, and admitted concern she and Charlie are too “dangerous” to be parents. Papa Pope and Olivia fought over which of them got “played,” with Rowan even telling her, “Mellie Grant is going to die and it’ll be your fault.” Fitz was furious, too, and Rowan ordered him to reinstate B613 and be its new runner to keep a “check on power,” the power being Olivia.

Episode 16, “Transfer Of Power,” started with Fitz blasting Olivia for releasing Maya on the eve of the inauguration. Not wanting to spend their “last night” fighting, they passionately hooked up. The next day, hours before the swearing-in, Maya dug out her tracking device and disappeared. Fitz still wanted to call it off, though Jake promised “this was the best protected event in history.”

Cyrus watched from home as Jake, Fitz, Olivia, Luna and Mellie took the dais while Papa Pope and Quinn’s crew kept watch from afar with snipers in position. One such sniper was then assaulted by Maya. As Mellie took the oath, Mama Pope called Olivia, telling her to get out of the way. Her target was not Mellie, but before she could even take the shot, Rowan in turn shot her. Olivia was enraged Maya was “neutralized” before she could reveal the real target, the real person responsible.

Olivia was suspicious Fitz was up to something, and blackmailed David into telling her he made a last-minute funds transfer. She concluded it was for a new B613, which Fitz swore “would be different this time” with him at the helm. She was convinced Papa Pope was going to use it for his own advantage and it would ruin their lives again. Fitz caved, and they had a tearful, awkward goodbye as he left for his post-presidency life in Vermont. As he walked to his helicopter, though, Olivia ran to give him a big kiss in front of all the press.

Quinn told Abby to take over OPA so she could go off and be a “normal” mom… without Charlie. But she still worked the investigation into the real target/mastermind. A light bulb then went off: Olivia realized the real villain, dating back to before Frankie’s assassination, was his wife Luna, the new vice president. When confronted, she didn’t deny it, but instead pointed out that if she goes down, Mellie will, too. Olivia realized they were, in fact, stuck with her.

Olivia visited her mom in the hospital, confirming she was going to shoot Luna. Maya urged her to stop worrying about others and “walk away” from the White House. “I earned it. I deserve it,” Liv insisted, which prompted Mama Pope to tell, “Do you what you have to get your baby back. You are half me and half that crazy man.”

Just before the inaugural ball, Abby told Quinn she would not take over OPA but be her underling and help her with both the business and the baby. Charlie was thrilled when he learned about the pregnancy. Huck appeared less so. At the last minute, Mellie invited Cyrus to be her “date” to the ball, and Jake showed up to escort Olivia. “I know what we’re gonna do,” she told him.

With Jake, Olivia told Luna, “You’re going to die. Here. Tonight. In this room.” They presented her poison pills that would induce a heart attack as she sleeps, with the alternative being Jake killing her and exposing her wrongdoings. Luna cried that she had Frankie killed because she didn’t want to be trapped as First Lady, and instead wanted Mellie, a woman, in office to enact his ideals. “I’m not pure evil,” she insisted. Olivia told her, “The bullets or the pills, Luna. Your choice.” With that, she took the pills and Liv told Jake, “Call me when she’s dead.”

Olivia skipped the balls, and had Mellie sign paperwork after, including an order setting aside funds. Jake confirmed Luna’s death and Olivia in turn confirmed B613 was back on. She then told Papa Pope she’d be running it and he was “retired.” Liv warned, “I want a father, but cross me again, and I will kill you.” She thought she had become “smart prey,” but he said she was now the “predator.”

In the final minutes, Olivia and Cyrus shared a drink at the Lincoln Memorial, where he learned it was “Luna freaking Vargas” behind it all. But based on his reaction, Liv realized this was the ending *he* wanted all along. With B613 reenacted, Cyrus shot back, “Looks like we both got what we wanted.” She told him to stay in town to be nominated as the new VP, and he asked, “How does it feel to be the most powerful woman?” Her answer: “Right. It feels right.” Until next season, the final season…

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