Sawyer Fredericks, Mia Z And Paul Pfau In First-Ever Voice 3-Way Knockout Video

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Sawyer Fredericks Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sawyer Fredericks Voice Knockout Video


“The Voice” season 8 Knockouts began on Monday, featuring an unprecedented three-way showdown between Sawyer Fredericks, Mia Z, and Paul Pfau. Check out the video below!

Unlike the Battle round, the Knockouts feature two contestants on a team singing one after the other, instead of simultaneously in a joint performance. While it’s up to the coach to pair his or her artists for a Knockout showdown, each contestant gets choose his or her own song. There still, however, can only be one winner, and the losing contestant is eliminated if not stolen by another coach.

But this was different from the get-go, with Pharrell making three contestants face off instead of two, the first such instance in “Voice” history. In this case, he could choose two winners, and the third would be sent home if not stolen by a rival coach. After some extra mentoring from special guest advisor Nate Ruess of fun., Fredericks performed “Collide,” Mia sang “Hold On I’m Coming,” and Pfau did “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

Mia hit some killer high notes, Pfau worked the guitar, and Fredericks ditched his to focus on the emotional lyrics. Adam Levine declared afterwards, “You guys would be a really good badass band.” Blake Shelton championed Mia Z as one of the best contestants he’s seen on the show, and Christina Aguilera called the young Fredericks a “genetic genius.”

It was no surprise then when Pharrell declared Fredericks the first winner, followed by Mia. Unfortunately, no one stole Pfau, so he was eliminated. Check out all the videos below, and tell us what you think! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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