Sawyer Fredericks “A Thousand Years,” “For What It’s Worth” The Voice Videos

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Sawyer Fredericks The Voice Top 5 Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sawyer Fredericks The Voice Top 5 Video


Sawyer Fredericks was once again deemed the “frontrunner” on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

Fredericks continues to be season 8’s “can do no wrong” contestant, although his remaining competitors have all been gaining ground over the last few weeks. The teen was tasked with performing two songs for Top 5 Night in hopes of making it into next week’s season finale, which will have the Final 3 going head to head. He first took on “For What It’s Worth.”

“Every time I think I run out of things to say about you, Sawyer, I find more things to say. First of all I just wanna applaud both of you on that song,” Adam Levine told Fredericks and his coach Pharrell afterward. “It’s hard to do that one justice and you did it justice. You did an incredible job.” Blake Shelton even admitted, “I don’t even know why they come to us any more. What are we going to say to this one?”

Fredericks followed that by closing the show with Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” Levine told him, “In my ongoing quest to find things to say to you that are interesting and not boring or stupid: There’s something incredibly powerful when you get the power of your highest register and the booming that takes place in this room… that can fill any room, any size, anywhere in the entire world.”

Shelton went on to confess, “You’re clearly the frontrunner and there’s no question in anybody’s mind — the four of us, the audience, the people at home. You’re the real deal.” And Pharrell said Fredericks deserved to be “rewarded” for his performance by being voted through. Check out both videos below. Do you want to see Fredericks in the finale? NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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