Savannah Guthrie Swaddles Matt Lauer On “Today” Show (VIDEO)

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Matt Lauer Swaddled Video

By Shari Weiss |

Matt Lauer Swaddled Video


Matt Lauer became a human baby on Thursday’s “Today” show when Savannah Guthrie swaddled him. But there was actually a good reason for the stunt. Watch the funny video below!

During the morning show’s “What’s Trending” segment, the anchors and “Today” personalities always discuss interesting and sometimes weird news stories. For today’s edition, one of the topics was adult swaddling, a new trend in Japan. Apparently, people in the country have opted to be wrapped up like a cocoon for help relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also said to aid post-partum depression and posture problems. The style is a little bit different than what parents do for infants, as this version covers the head, but it similarly provides the comfort of a tight, enclosed space.

“Did you ever think to yourself, looking at your baby so peacefully in the crib, ‘That looks kinda good?'” asked Guthrie, to which Lauer said, “Anything cuter than a baby in a swaddle?” After explaining the new phenomenon, she urged her reluctant co-host to give the “baby burrito” a try. Spread out on the flood of the studio was what appeared to be a giant sheet. “Are you good at this?” Lauer wondered before laying down. Guthrie, exclaiming “of course I am,” reminded him that she’s a mom to two kids under 3 years of age.

“Obviously this baby blanket is a little big since you’re a bigger baby than most,” she amusingly observed. As Guthrie wrapped Lauer up like a mummy, she detailed the step-by-step process and pointed out that the feeling is “supposed to mimic the womb.” He cracked, “So, this is supposed to alleviate stress? Is that what this is? Because I’m feeling a little stressed out right now. Maybe it’s the cameras, or the studio filled with people.”

Guthrie tried to shush him and encouraged him to help her by lifting his body, prompting Lauer to retort, “Or we could say, ‘I think people get the idea.'” And when asked how he felt, the NBC personality bluntly responded, “I feel stressed out.” He also drew the line at a pacifier. “This is already going to appear on a thousand sites online. I don’t need to put a pacifier in my mouth,” Lauer insisted. Check out the video below!

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