Savannah Guthrie Does NOT Need To “Watch Out” For Megyn Kelly, Despite Report

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Savannah Guthrie Watch Out Megyn Kelly

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Savannah Guthrie Watch Out Megyn Kelly

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Savannah Guthrie does not need to “watch out” for Megyn Kelly, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can expose this twisting of real news into fake news.

On Thursday, the first teaser for Kelly’s Sunday night NBC show was revealed. The series, expected to be in the vein of a news magazine like “60 Minutes,” is slated to premiere on June 4. Kelly is also working on a weekday show that is expected to debut in the fall.

The first promo for “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly” was a mere 15 seconds long. It showed footage of the journalist at NBC News headquarters and out in the field, with a narrator saying, “Coming June 4th, ‘Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.’ Sharp, strong journalism and the power of NBC News. ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly’ starts Sunday, June 4th at 7 on NBC.”

It could not be more straight-forward or non-scandalous. But RadarOnline didn’t see fit to report that real news in a direct fashion. Instead, it used the promo to spin a negative story about a rivalry between Kelly and Guthrie, who co-anchors the “Today” show. “Watch Out, Savannah! Megyn Kelly’s NBC Slot Has Finally Arrived,” blares the headline.

“Megyn Kelly’s new NBC show promises to deliver ‘sharp, strong journalism’ upon its debut next Sunday — should rival Savannah Guthrie officially watch her back?” asks the webloid. The answer: No. Kelly’s Sunday night show, which won’t even be airing year-round, has no bearing on Guthrie’s role at the network.

But ever since it was announced Kelly was joining NBC, the site has repeatedly claimed without legitimate evidence that Guthrie’s job is in jeopardy. And though the outlet now quotes Guthrie as saying, “We’re thrilled to have her,” it’s asserted that “behind the scenes it’s been a different story.” The publication then regurgitates old contentions that Guthrie is “terrified” for the future of her career with Kelly in the mix.

Again, though, the webloid is trying to make a major connection where there is none. Kelly’s weekday show will air at 10 a.m. It has little to nothing to do with Guthrie co-hosting with Matt Lauer from 7 to 9 a.m. The two women are not in competition with each other, and this is just another example of the gossip media pitting females against each other for the sake of drama. It remains to be seen how long each will ultimately stay with NBC, but it’s certainly not true that Guthrie has to “watch out” for Kelly now. And the release of a promo is an illegitimate reason to claim otherwise.