Savannah Guthrie “Jealous” Of Hoda Kotb Getting “Today” Attention?

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Savannah Guthrie Jealous Hoda Kotb

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Savannah Guthrie Jealous Hoda Kotb

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Savannah Guthrie is “jealous” of Hoda Kotb getting attention in the wake of her “Today” promotion, according to a woefully misinformed report. Gossip Cop can easily debunk this story, which comes from the tabloids.

The National Enquirer claims “the honeymoon’s over” because “Savannah’s had it with Hoda already” and “the knives are out.” It’s specifically alleged Guthrie is “jealous of all the attention that’s been showered on her partner,” and now she’s “secretly declared war.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “She was in Matt Lauer’s shadow all those years and now she’s in Hoda’s. It never seems like her time to shine. Everyone is fussing over Hoda. Savannah feels like an afterthought.”

A purported “second source” also claims to the supermarket tabloid, “Obviously with any change comes friction, but it often feels like they’re at war with each other.” In fact, “war” is used multiple times throughout the article, yet the gossip magazine never once gives any examples of how the two women are supposedly at odds. And notably, none of the respected trade publications that closely cover the behind-the-scenes of morning television, such as The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, have reported any remotely similar allegations about Guthrie and Kotb not getting along.

There’s other flaws in this tale, too. While there’s been much media coverage about Kotb’s upgraded role, the outlet fails to acknowledge that there was extensive coverage when Guthrie herself first became the “Today” co-anchor back in 2012. In addition, several of their promotional media appearances since teaming up have been done in tandem. For example, they were on “The Tonight Show” together just last week (see photo above). Guthrie and Kotb also jointly appeared in a People photo shoot and cover story interview. So it’s not like only one of them is getting attention.

Furthermore, while officially naming Kotb co-host of the morning show is significant, it is not that big of a change for the pair on set. Kotb herself noted in the aforementioned People chat, “For more than a year I’ve been kind of appearing at 7:20, so I’ve sort of been doing a similar shift.” In other words, her presence isn’t really new to Guthrie.

And while the publication maintains she has her “knives out” for Kotb, Guthrie actually documented their recent “ladies night” on Instagram. It makes no sense to claim she’s “jealous” of Kotb when she’s showing off their friendship on social media. The only “war” here is between the tabloid and the obvious facts.