Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb did not reveal "our side of the story" when it comes to Matt Lauer's firing from the "Today" show. This is another deceptive tabloid cover. Gossip Cop can shoot down the report.

The new cover of Life & Style features a big image of Guthrie and Kotb with the declaration, "Savannah & Hoda: Our Side Of The Story." There's also a quote that reads, "Matt betrayed all of us." But the NBC news personalities never actually said that to the gossip magazine. In fact, the pair didn't talk to the outlet at all about this subject. Incredibly, this deception continues inside the edition, where it's alleged Lauer's "co-stars are finally sharing their side of the story."

Aside from referencing the remarks they made when Guthrie announced Lauer's firing on "Today" last month, the outlet has nothing directly from her or Kotb. Rather, while touting "our side of the story," the article is actually just filled with anonymous quotes about how they supposedly feel about the situation. For instance, a so-called "NBC insider" is quoted as saying, "They've actually bonded over Matt's betrayal and behavior." The tabloid itself later maintains, "The entire 'Today' family feels betrayed by Matt." Both are significantly different phrasings than the first-person cover quote, "Matt betrayed all of us."

"They're still hurt, reeling over the details of Matt's disgusting behavior," the publication's supposed snitch goes on to contend, further claiming that, on the upside, "The atmosphere on the set without Matt is a lot lighter — people feel like they can breathe." But the bulk of the article is filled out with contentions about Lauer's behavior and assertions about how his former colleagues are coping that have already been reported by more reliable outlets. For example, the quote that he is now a "lonely, beaten man who is ashamed and in exile" is suspiciously similar to a People quote from two weeks ago that deemed Lauer "weak and broken and ashamed."

So, what Life & Style is offering is much of what's already been reported, yet the magazine misleadingly packaged it to make readers think Guthrie and Hoda themselves spoke out. The two "Today" show personalities actually haven't talked to any outlet at all about the turn of events. Perhaps the tabloid thinks it can get away with its manipulations, but Gossip Cop believe readers should know what's fact and what's really fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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