‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast “Sucking Up” To Head Writers Colin Jost, Michael Che?

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SNL Cast Colin Jost Michael Che

By Andrew Shuster |

SNL Cast Colin Jost Michael Che


Has the cast of “Saturday Night Live” been “sucking up” to “Weekend Update” anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che ever since the two were promoted to co-head writers last month? A blog claims the performers are fighting for airtime by being disingenuously nice to their colleagues. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this nonsense.

Last month, Jost and Che were named the head writers of “SNL” after more than three years of co-anchoring “Weekend Update.” The website Naughty Gossip now says that the cast of the show is suddenly acting extra affable towards the duo. A so-called “source” tells the site, “If the writers don’t write you funny sketches each week you don’t get on the show, it is as simple as that.”

“Now that Colin and Michael are the head writers everyone is sucking up to them to make sure they get the funniest scenes and characters to play,” adds the outlet’s alleged insider. The questionable source further contends that some of the cast members haven’t always been so friendly to Jost and Che, who may retaliate by cutting them out of sketches. “Anyone that hasn’t been nice to them in the past better watch out,” says the questionable source. “They both have a long, long memory.”

It should be noted, “SNL” cast members are expected to pitch their own jokes and sketch ideas. The head writers and producer Lorne Michaels will then decide what makes the cut. The site’s suggestion that Jost and Che would sabotage the iconic show by rejecting ideas from cast member’s who don’t “suck up” to them is ridiculous. Regardless, Gossip Cop has learned this premise is entirely inaccurate.

An NBC insider exclusively tells us that the dynamic among the cast hasn’t changed since Jost and Che were named head writers, nor are the two being treated differently. Gossip Cop is further assured that everyone on set gets along well. Although “SNL” may have had its fair share of infamous behind-the-scenes feuds over the years, there’s no animosity among the current cast and crew.

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The cast of “Saturday Night Live” is sucking up to Colin Jost and Michael Che.

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