“Survivor: Game Changers” Finale Recap – Winner Announced

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Survivor Finale Recap May 24 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Survivor Finale Recap May 24 2017


The “Survivor: Game Changers” winner was announced on Wednesday’s big finale. Find out who won season 34 and get the full recap and results below!

As Gossip Cop reported, 20 former “Survivor” contestants were invited to Fiji to compete once again to become the “sole survivor” and win $1 million. The castaways were chosen for having made game-changing moves in past seasons, or having the potential to now in season 34 of the CBS reality series. “Survivor: Game Changers” premiered in March, and going into tonight’s final episode, only six players remained.

Following Michaela and Andrea’s elimination on last week’s “Survivor,” the contestants still battling it out for four more days were Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Sarah, Tai and Troyzan. The final episode, called “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” began on Night 35, after the chaotic Tribal Council where Cirie tried to play Sarah’s steal-a-vote advantage. They had words, as did Sarah and Tai, but Sarah at least knew she’d be safe in this next elimination as she had the Legacy Advantage for immunity.

Tai told Brad about his two secret immunity idols to strengthen their alliance, while Troyzan was still harboring his own. On Day 36, the individual immunity challenge called for the contestants to race through a giant maze to find pieces to solve a puzzle. Brad won, earning a spot in the final five, plus an Italian dinner reward meal, for which he chose Troyzan and Sarah to join him.

The trio formed a new alliance and agreed to vote Aubry out. Brad demanded Tai use his immunity idol that night, and give him his other to hold as a sign of trust. Tai was intimidated, and Brad told Troyzan he wasn’t planning to give the idol back once he had it. Tai went to Aubry for help, and Cirie tried to join their alliance. No one really knew where loyalties lay, and Tai broke down. And that was before Tribal Council, where he was called out for lies.

Before the votes were read, Tai played one of his idols and used his other one for Aubry. Sarah then played her Legacy Advantage. And then Troyzan handed in his idol. That meant Cirie was out, regardless of the votes, as everyone else had protection. “This is a historic tribal council,” host Jef Probst announced. He said it was the most idols ever played at once, most people ever safe at an elimination, and the first player eliminated because there was no one else. And, Jeff revealed, no one even voted for Cirie. But with everyone else safe, this was her fate.

For the next immunity challenge on Day 37, the five had to use paddles to get three balls through a tiny obstacle course. Brad won again, securing his spot in the final four. He, Troyzan and Sarah again resolved to vote out Aubry, and had the 3-2 majority. But Aubry wanted Sarah and Tai to help her take out Troyzan. Sarah was caught in the middle, and unsure if she could trust Tai. He wanted Aubry gone, too, but when Brad again demanded he follow his orders, he wanted to rebel. That meant taking out Troyzan, as Aubry wanted, to hurt Brad’s alliance and ruin his final three plan.

But it was Aubry who was voted out, 4-1, leaving Troyzan, Brad, Tai and Sarah. For the final immunity challenge on Day 38, there was one last obstacle course and puzzle. Incredibly, Brad won again, tying the record for five individual immunity wins in a season. More importantly, this guaranteed him safety in Tribal Council. But who would join him in the final three? Brad was convinced he was in control and wanted Tai gone, confident he could beat Troyzan and Sarah in the end.

Tai and Sarah knew Brad and Troyzan were going to target one of them, prompting Tai to suggest they vote Troyzan to force a 2-2 tie, which would spark a fire-making challenge. Sarah wasn’t sure it was a risk she should take, and was undecided who she could defeat before the jury and who she wanted on the jury. At Tribal Council, Tai called Brad out for his bullying, and Troyzan was concerned about the possible tie-breaker. Ultimately, Brad, Troyzan and Sarah all voted for Tai, making him the last member of the jury.

On Day 39, the final day, the last Tribal Council was held with jurors Hali, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea, Michaela, Cirie, Aubry and Tai. In a change from seasons past, the jury had to focus on the three tenets of the game when picking the sole survivor: Outwit, outplay, and outlast. Andrea and Ozzy called Sarah out for her lies and betrayals after forming personal relationships, while Zeke said he was her “champion.” Ozzy said he’d be Brad’s advocate, praising him for dominating through strength, while others criticized Brad for being impersonal.

As Sarah was piled on, Michaela wondered why Sarah’s gameplay wasn’t respected. Troyzan was also forced to account for seemingly riding Brad’s coattails throughout the game, being a passenger and not a driver. Tai also confronted Brad his apparent bullying. But Team Sarah continued to clash with Team Brad. Eventually, Brad pitched himself as player who didn’t need to lie and used his strength and brain to make it to the finale. Sarah asked for credit for her gameplay and being in on every vote, and said the jurors were there because she thought they were threats. Lastly, Troyzan said he wasn’t the best strategist, but expressed gratitude for everyone’s involvement.

The jurors then cast their votes for who they wanted to be the sole survivor. As usual, the reading of the votes took place not then and there but months later at tonight’s live reunion in Los Angeles. All the contestants and a studio audience watched as Probst tallied the votes. And SARAH WON with six votes!

After getting her $1 million check and celebrating with family, Sarah explained her approach and credited former winner and opponent Tony for inspiring her. She admitted being proud of the way she played but not the way she treated people. Brad apologized to Tai for his mistreatment, and acknowledged he “miscalculated” by taking Sarah to the final three instead of him. And the jury suggested it would’ve been a split decision had it been Brad vs. Tai vs. Troyzan. With a tie between Brad and Tai, Troyzan would’ve become the jury tie-breaker, and he confessed he would’ve voted for Brad. That’s how close the former NFL player was to $1 million.

Zeke was applauded for how he handled his coming out. He admitted he was fearful of the reaction, but learned how loved he is. He also praised CBS, saying, “Our partnership is a model for how trans stories should be approached in the media.” For his part, Jeff said he was “hit hard” for his actions, but Zeke was the victim, and claimed he’s since been credited for “owning” his mistake. He also announced a book called Surviving Shame.

In other notable moments, Sandra said competing was a “job” to her, and she’d do “whatever to whoever to get to the win.” Michaela took responsibility for her outbursts and isolationism, while Sierra acknowledged she “dug my own grave” by being vulnerable with Sarah when it came to her advantage. And Ozzy got political, saying how “Survivor” is a microcosm for society, showing how better decisions need to be made in the country.

The finale concluded with a tease of the upcoming 35th season, which is again set in Fiji. Slated to air this fall, it’s called “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.” The new cast was divided into the tribes based on their traits. A premiere date is to be announced.

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