Sarah Stage: 9 Months Pregnant Model Stuns Internet With Baby Bump Body

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Sarah Stage 9 Months Pregnant

By Daniel Gates |

Sarah Stage 9 Months Pregnant


Sarah Stage is the model and soon-to-be mom whose Instagram pictures showing off her pregnancy body have captured the Internet’s imagination. On Monday, the 30-year-old, now nine months pregnant, shared her latest selfie. Not surprisingly, it has gotten a big response.

“10 days until we meet #BabyJames,” wrote Stage as a caption to the image, in which the still-svelte expectant mother wears only underwear. While her baby bump is obvious, its relative size (and Stage’s overall physique) is freaking out some commenters.

“Whaaaat!? She doesn’t even look 8-9 months. My belly was huge and hers is so tiny,” wrote one person. Another wondered, “Why her belly is so small?” A third Instagram user noted, “Gah.. She’s 9 months preg with abs.. U can barely tell she is!!”

Throughout Stage’s pregnancy, critics have expressed concern that her fitness habits and still-small frame could have health implications for her baby. Others are worried about the potential harm of models like Stage giving other pregnant women unrealistic expectations about their own bodies.

But just because Stage still has defined abs and a somewhat small bump, medical experts have said there’s no real cause for anxiety, and certainly no reason for some of the attacks on her. According to what Stage told ABC News recently, she’s gained a suitable amount of weight for a healthy pregnancy, and her conspicuously slim Instagram pictures are not as alarming as they may seem. Baby James will be here soon enough.

Sarah Stage 9 Months Pregnant



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