Sarah Silverman: I Chose Career Over Children

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Sarah Silverman Kids Career Twitter

By Holly Nicol |

Sarah Silverman Kids Career Twitter

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Sarah Silverman tweeted about choosing her career over having children and starting a family on Monday.

The 46-year-old comedienne opened up on social media on Monday about her decision to choose her career over motherhood. In a series of honest tweets, Silverman wrote, “As a comic always working & on the road I have had to decide between motherhood & living my fullest life & I chose the latter.” She continued, adding, “So this is just a lil f*ck all y’all bc u can’t be a woman w/out sacrifice & that’s the fact jack. I love my comedian brothers that acknowledge this truth. They’re my family & for a lot of us women comic sisters, our only family.”

Silverman, who is currently dating Michael Sheen, has often stated that she has no plans to get married or start a family. As Gossip Cop reported in 2014, Silverman slammed reports claiming she was pressuring Sheen into marrying her. “Just read that I wanna get married which is hilarious b/c I will never get married,” the comedienne tweeted at the time, adding, “Why would I want the govt involved in my love life? Ew. It’s barbaric.”

Even though the star is against marriage and having children of her own, she still enjoys a special relationship with Sheen and Kate Beckinsale’s daughter Lily. Beckinsale recently discussed Silverman’s positive impact on her daughter. “I’m completely open to any other strong, cool sensitive independent-thinking women who are going to be an influence in my daughter’s life,” the actress noted. “I am so glad Michael found her.”

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