Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee Fight With “The View” Co-Hosts Over Donald Trump

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The View Sarah Huckabee Sanders

By Shari Weiss |

The View Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mike Huckabee fought with “The View” co-hosts on Wednesday over their support for Donald Trump. Check out the video below.

Father and daughter appeared on the ABC talk show for their first joint interview, and it began pleasantly enough, with Whoopi Goldberg noting Sanders is only the third female press secretary and the first mom to ever hold the important job. Asked how she balances parenting with being on call for Trump, she said, I’m already up, as a parent. As a parent, you’re up 24 hours a day… [My kids] perfectly prepared me to deal with the White House press corps. I get to answer the same question all day long and I’ve gotten pretty good at saying no.”

That led Joy Behar to ask about Sanders’ penchant for saying “I’ll get back to you” at press briefings. “A lot of times I get back to the individual reporter. It may not be on camera. I have reporters in and out of my office all day,” she said, further noting that with “devices, “I’m in contact with them 24 hours, 7 days a week, constantly responding to questions.” Behar actually said she was “shocked” that Sanders was allowed to come on the show, and wondered what advice her father passed on as she took over for Sean Spicer.

“It’s the same advice he’s given me in any job I’ve ever had and that’s to always be honest and always be myself… So far it’s served me pretty well,” she replied. But that’s where the niceties ended. Behar next turned her attention to Huckabee and asked, give the “horrifying things” Trump has said about women, “How can you let your daughter defend him?” The former governor pushed back, arguing that the president has also “empowered” many women, particularly in business. He further said that Trump is called “racist,” yet he’s appeared on “The View” several times. Retorted Whoopi Goldberg, “Yes, and I’ve said it to him to his face.”

Huckabee countered that Trump is “the guy who opened up Mar-A-Lago to Jewish people,” to which Sunny Hostin fired back, “He didn’t let black people there.” The politician then said, “Is Donald Trump a perfect man? No, but I don’t know who we can afford to put in there.” And Sanders insisted that people were “cherry-picking statements and spinning them into something they’re not.” She went back to the significance of her job, saying, “That is a big deal. It is a huge step forward. And instead of liberals celebrating it, they’re attacking.” Goldberg rejected that claim, and Jedediah Bila, echoing Behar’s point, wanted to know if Sanders has ever “struggled” working for Trump given how he’s treated some women.

“I’ve never felt anything but respected and empowered to do what I’m there to do,” she replied, arguing, “I think he’s an equal opportunity president. He hits men just as hard [and] he puts strong, very outspoken women in positions around him.” Behar was only getting more fired up, questioning how Huckabee, as a religious man, can “support someone like” Trump. The former presidential candidate said, “It’s not that difficult. No one elected him to be their Sunday school teacher… [He] doesn’t need to embrace everything that I embrace.” Bila fired back by pointing out the hypocrisy in suggesting Trump’s character doesn’t matter when it did with Bill Clinton.

After a commercial break, Sara Haines brought up Trump repeatedly branding the media as “fake news.” Sanders offered, “I think there’s certainly responsibility on both sides. We have to be forthcoming and honest,” while the press should “present facts, not opinions.” She insisted, “It’s also very dangerous for the media not to live up to the responsibility they have.” When Haines argued that when Trump generalizes with the “fake new media,” he’s “making us all take that fall,” Sanders argued right back, “I think that goes both ways,” saying that the media lumps together “all Republicans, all conservatives.” At this point, Behar was even angrier.

“Are we not supposed to report that 95 percent of what he says is a lie?” she asked with exasperation. Sanders insisted, “You are doing exactly what we’re saying in pushing a false narrative.” Behar said her statistic actually came from Politifact, and even told the press secretary, “I feel sorry for you.” But Sanders maintained, “Again, I completely disagree with what you’re saying, [that] only 5 percent is true. I know that is simply not accurate.” She even suggested the media is “inhibiting his ability to succeed.”

Goldberg said America needs to “get somebody in office who recognizes what the truth is,” which prompted her to ask, “Where was President Obama born and is he an American citizen?” Sanders simply said in response, “I think that has been pretty well-addressed.” Goldberg, however, pointed out that Trump only acknowledged the truth after years of spreading lies. The conversation then turned to Trump saying he will “revisit” DACA. Sanders told the panelists, “I disagree that was inconsistent messaging,” and said people should be protesting on Capitol Hill, not at Trump Tower.

Hostin brought up Trump admitting he pardoned Joe Arpaio during the hurricane to maximize ratings, and asked Huckabee, as a former governor, “Would you have chosen that particular moment?” He kind of side-stepped the question, and began by defending Arpaio, saying the controversial ex-sheriff is “not racist,” a comment that drew a shocked reaction from the studio audience. He then defended Trump, insisting people are just looking for “something to hate him for.” He went on, “Take what he does. What he did in that hurricane relief is important… There’s so much Trump hate out here that if he took a straw and sucked up every bit of flood water and spit it into the Gulf of Mexico, they’d say he should’ve spit it into the Indian Ocean.” Sanders also got a negative reaction from the crowd when she said of Trump, “He’s not looking to better himself. He’s making decisions to better the American people.”

The pair stuck around for a third segment, making for an unusually long interview as far as “The View” goes. Huckabee discussed his new TV show, and Haines ended things on a lighter notes by asking Sanders what she thought when she saw the photo of Trump looking up at the eclipse without protective eyewear. She paused before light-heartedly saying, “Maybe he has superpowers we don’t know about.” Notably, before the broadcast ended, Goldberg announced it will be Hillary Clinton’s turn in the hot seat next Wednesday. Watch all the videos with Sanders and Huckabee below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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