Sarah Paulson, Holland Taylor NOT “Fighting To Save Their Relationship”

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Sarah Paulson Holland Taylor Relationship

By Shari Weiss |

Sarah Paulson Holland Taylor Relationship

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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are NOT “fighting to save their relationship,” despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

Paulson and Taylor were photographed by paparazzi this week as they happily strolled in Los Angeles. RadarOnline is now using the photos to claim they are proof the couple is “fighting to save their relationship” and “trying to work things out.” The site asserts it was feared their romance “may be doomed to fail,” in part due to lifestyle differences.

“Everyone’s saying Sarah’s outgrown the relationship,” the webloid quotes an “insider” as saying. And last month, the online outlet’s sister publication OK! alleged Paulson and Taylor were on the verge of a split. But Gossip Cop busted the untrue tale, and now that the couple is quite obviously still together, and happily so, RadarOnline is doing damage control.

Rather than admitting its previous claims were wrong, the site is making it seem like the couple only stepped out together because they’re trying to fix their relationship woes. That’s not the case. Paulson and Taylor went out because that’s what couples do. The blog even asks its readers, “What do you think about Sarah and Holland’s happy shopping trip?”

Well, it was just that… a happy shopping trip. It had nothing to do with “fighting to save their relationship” and “trying to work things out.” That is just a false narrative being used to cover up inaccurate reporting.

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