Sarah Palin Blasts Kathy Griffin For Playing Victim: “Suck It Up, Cupcake!”

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Sarah Palin Kathy Griffin Victim

By Shari Weiss |

Sarah Palin Kathy Griffin Victim

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Sarah Palin is blasting Kathy Griffin for portraying herself as the “victim” in the Donald Trump beheading photo scandal. The former governor alleges the comedienne is the real bully.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Griffin has been under fire this week after a photo was released showing her posing with a decapitated head meant to resemble the president. She initially apologized for the gruesome imagery, but on Friday, she held a press conference accusing the First Family of relentlessly attacking her in the picture’s wake. For her part, Palin has voiced objections on Facebook all week to Griffin’s actions, but the lengthiest, most biting post came late Friday.

“Kathy Griffin has mercilessly attacked children for years,” the one-time vice presidential candidate began, going on to assert. “When this ‘celebrity’ (who “celebrates” her, btw?) traveled all the way to Wasilla and actually knocked on my home’s door to personally humiliate my kids again, I knew she was deranged.”

Palin claimed, “The liberal ‘star’ had attacked my teenage daughters for so long: First Bristol then, inexplicably, giddily announced she would ‘go directly after Willow Palin’ despite Willow’s young age and innocence in doing anything to earn the wrath of this attacker. And today Kathy claims SHE is the victim!”

“Kathy’s crocodile tears at her publicity-seeking press conference today mean nothing to mothers who’ve witnessed the ramifications her sick acts have had on precious children,” continued Palin. “So, on behalf of Melania Trump and other mothers who’ve tried to protect our children from Kathy’s soulless vile attacks, I’ll bite my tongue in print and not say what I’d actually tell her to her face… I’ll keep it civil and merely tell her after her ridiculous self-serving statements today: Suck it. Up. Cupcake.”

“Suck it up, cupcake” is a catchphrase Palin first started using when Trump became the likely Republican nominee for president. She now has it on merchandise, and her post on Griffin linked to a page where a T-shirt with the slogan is selling for $26.99. According to the page, “A portion of the proceeds will go toward the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief: Heal Our Patriots.”

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