Sarah Palin The Next “Judge Judy”?

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Sarah Palin Judge Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Sarah Palin Judge Show

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Sarah Palin is looking to be the next “Judge Judy,” both a rep for the project and the proposed show’s production company confirm to Gossip Cop. The former Alaska governor and one-time vice-presidential candidate has signed a deal with Warm Springs Productions to shoot a pilot, with the hope of selling a “Judge Judy”-type show to a TV syndicator.

The basic gist is that Palin, who is not an attorney, would preside over disputes and use her no-sense judgement to render decisions. Palin previously starred on the nine-episode reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC with big-time TV producer Mark Burnett. She also did “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” for The Sportsman Channel.

And while the proposed show won’t be as outdoorsy as Palin’s previous series, her new production partner, Warm Springs, which is based out of Montana, has plenty of experience in that arena. The company’s roster of shows include “Mountain Men,” “American River Renegades,” and “Beau Knows Outdoors,” as well as some very different types of programs, such as “Surviving Zombies” and “Gun Gurus.”

The proposed Sarah Palin show has no working title right now, but it is hoped that the series will air as early as the fall of 2017. For the time being, though, Palin remains in Alaska, where her husband Todd is recovering from a snowmobile accident last week that left him with multiple broken bones and internal injuries, which required several surgeries.


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