Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Marriage “On The Rocks”?

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Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick Marriage Trouble

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Sarah Jessica Parker Matthew Broderick Marriage Trouble

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Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “on the rocks”? A report claims the couple’s marriage “may be in trouble” just after their 21st wedding anniversary. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story, which comes from the tabloids.

OK! is making hay because Parker was recently seen without her wedding ring on two occasions in May. According to the gossip magazine, that suggests a “rift” with Broderick. A so-called “insider” quoted in the article speculates, “It could be a sign that they may not last much longer.” The supposed source goes on to contend the couple has been “living separate lives for some time now.”

“They own a few properties in New York, so it would be easy for them to stay in different homes without people noticing,” theorizes the outlet’s alleged tipster. The purported snitch goes on to claim, “The fact is, they’re not the same people they were when they got married 21 years ago. It seems as if they’ve grown apart.” Of course, most people change over the course of two decades. It doesn’t mean a marriage is doomed to failure. And, significantly, the publication has no evidence to support the contention that Parker and Broderick have “grown apart” and “living separate lives.”

The tabloid points out that Broderick did not accompany the actress to the Met Gala earlier this month, but that is an event he has never attended in the past. It’s actually tradition for Parker to take close friend Andy Cohen as her date to the Met Gala, as Cohen himself spoke about just last week. There is nothing to read into that, just as there is nothing to read into Parker stepping out ringless. In fact, her husband almost never wears his own wedding band, which is evident in this Getty photo of the couple at the 2010 Academy Awards. Yet they’ve obviously stayed together since then, which shows that status of their marriage should not be judged based on what jewelry they do or don’t wear.

Furthermore, Parker gushed about her marriage to Broderick in a People cover story in February. “You and your partner are going to change. It seems so silly, but I think you’re very lucky if you like the person. I still just really like him,” she said. This comment about how partners are “going to change,” but Parker still “really” likes her husband regardless goes directly against the tabloid’s insistence that it’s problematic they aren’t “the same people” and that they’ve supposedly “grown apart.” It seems based on Parker’s own words that the couple is actually growing together.

And just days ago, Parker paid tribute to Brockerick on Instagram, writing, “May 19th. Yep, it’s a good day to get married. Happy 21st anniversary baby. XXX, your wife.” On top of all this proof that the magazine’s story about their marriage being “on the rocks” is inaccurate, a rep for Parker also confirms to Gossip Cop the article and its claims are “false.” We must also note OK! has a long history of wrongly claiming the stars are splitting.

That includes a 2014 cover story about the pair “calling it quits,” and a piece earlier this year in which it was alleged Parker and Broderick were having a marriage crisis. The only real crisis seems to be with the outlet’s inaccurate reporting. This new article sensationalizes Parker going without her ring when Broderick usually doesn’t wear his, wrongly implies there is a hidden meaning to his typical absence from the Met Gala, and fails to provide proof that they’ve “grown apart.” In addition, Parker is on record recently celebrating their relationship. For those reasons we have determined these “on the rocks” allegations are untrue.


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