Will Sex And The City 3 be made without Kim Cattrall? A new report claims Sarah Jessica Parker wants to go ahead with the movie by killing off Cattrall's character. But a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the story isn't true.

Parker recently revealed that plans for a third Sex And The City film have been tabled. Amid rumors that her co-star's alleged contract demands were to blame, Cattrall told fans point-blank that she just didn't want to do the project and desired to put the TV and movie franchise behind her. Kristin Davis has expressed her disappointment over the sequel not coming to fruition while Willie Garson penned pointed tweets that seemed directed at Cattrall. The actress, however, has stood her ground, and even said in an interview that Parker could've been "nicer" to her.

Now the National Enquirer is blaring in a headline, "'Sex' Star Kills Off Samantha!" The supermarket tabloid contends, "'Sex And The City' will live on, without Kim Cattrall's sexpot character, Samantha Jones," because Parker has "decided Samantha is toast." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "After a lot of thought, Sarah has decided that it would be best for Kim not to be part of the third film."

"Her character, Samantha, has had health issues, so she can easily kill her off," continues the supposed snitch. The gossip magazine also cites a purported "Hollywood observer," who asserts, "The movie doesn't seem nearly as over as either the studio or its stars have suggested. Sarah will have her revenge on Kim with a new script!" With the current revival trend in both television and film, it's entirely possible fans haven't seen the last of "Sex And The City." But it's weird to claim Parker has decided that Cattrall won't be part of a third installment when Cattrall herself actually already decided that.

As for the claim that Parker is currently "moving ahead on third flick without troublemaker Cattrall," Gossip Cop is told that's not the case. A rep for the actress-producer exclusively tells Gossip Cop the contention is "false." Should something change in the future, we'll have the real news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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