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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are not engaged, despite speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight. Though a pal of the actress has publicly offered her congratulations, the well-wishes are premature.

In an Instagram post shared late Thursday/early Friday, photographer Yu Tsai showcased a photo of himself posing with a smiling Hyland. He wrote in the caption, "Congratulations to my sweet friend @sarahhyland @wellsadams on their engagement... fingers crossed I get invited to the wedding." He also included emojis of fingers crossed, a kissing face and a heart.

It didn't take long for the comments section of the post to become filled with remarks from fans. "Wait really?? Neither of them posted engagement posts," wrote one person. Another remarked, "That would be awkward if 1. You announced this BEFORE they even did and 2. You announced it and they weren't really engaged yet." And someone else pleaded, "You're leaving a lot of people hanging here, wondering if you spoiled an engagement announcement or if this isn't true. Could you please clarify? Thanks."

Rather than investigating, Life & Style decided to add to the confusion by publishing an article on its website with the headline, "Are Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland Engaged? Here's the Announcement Everyone Missed." In the story, the tabloid acknowledges the couple has "yet to confirm the news themselves," but asserts "famed celebrity photographer Yu Tsai may have actually just announced it for them!" The outlet then goes on to wonder whether the announcement is legitimate.

"If Wells had actually popped the question, this would probably be the most logical time to share such news," theorizes the publication, before pointing out Hyland "has yet to be seen wearing any bling on that finger." The tabloid further opines that the "craziest part" is that Tsai hasn't "deleted" his post and "even tagged Sarah, which means she knows it's out there." Concludes the magazine, "So is this the real deal or are Wells, Sarah, and Yu all playing a big fat joke on their fans? It's unclear, but this might actually be the most dramatic engagement announcement mystery in all of 'Bachelor' history."

What's actually unclear is why the outlet didn't bother fact-checking with Hyland's own camp before adding fuel to the fire. Gossip Cop, however, took the time to do some research and asking around before spreading an unconfirmed claim. Now a rep for Hyland exclusively tells us, "They are not engaged." That said, there's no disputing the couple's relationship is going strong.

As widely reported earlier this week, Hyland shared a birthday tribute for Adams on Instagram, writing in part, "You are the most phenomenal man I have ever met and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you by my side." The actress, who is a fan of "The Bachelor," and the former "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant began dating last year. In March, Hyland even admitted that Adams knows what kind of engagement ring she'd want. But while they could end up tying the knot one day, there is no actual engagement as of yet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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