Sarah Herron: Chad Johnson Should Make Charity Donation For “One-Armed Bitch” Comment

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Sarah Herron Chad Johnson Arm Donation

By Shari Weiss |

Sarah Herron Chad Johnson Arm Donation


Sarah Herron says Chad Johnson should apologize for his “one-armed bitch” comment by making a donation to her charity. As Gossip Cop reported, Johnson was kicked off “Bachelor In Paradise” during the season 3 premiere on Tuesday.

The former “Bachelorette” contestant engaged in highly-offensive behavior, though arguably most horrendous was his comment to Herron. The reality star, who previously appearance on “The Bachelor, suffered from amniotic band syndrome, which caused her to be born with only the upper portion of her left arm. Admirably, Herron has not let the disability stop her from living a full life.

But a drunken Johnson made a reprehensible comment about it during his out-of-control antics on “Bachelor In Paradise.” After Herron called him out for his outrageous behavior, he spit back, “F*ck that one-armed bitch. You suck that d*ck. Keeping sucking that d*ck. Keep sucking that fame.”

After the broadcast, Johnson tweeted, “I should’ve never ever EVER said that abt @sarahherron tonight. I was a d*ck im disappointed in myself.” He also posted a short video of himself apologizing (see below). For her part, Herron tweeted, “BYE FELICIA! #BachelorInParadise @realchadjohnson I thought you were different. I’m SO sorry for apologizing to you @MTA.”

She also noted that while Johnson is apologizing in interviews, she’s still “waiting for it in person.” Herron went on, “If @realchadjohnson is really sorry, which I believe he is… he knows how to correct it with me personally. Doesn’t need to be on a stage.” Johnson responded, “@sarahherron I really am sorry. I’m more than happy to tell you that in person, whether you believe it or not.

On Wednesday, though, Herron tweeted, “Be mad at Chad, but let’s stop bullying and drop the subject. #SheLift.” But despite seemingly wanting to move on, she suggested a short time later, “.@realchadjohnson I would love for you to say you’re sorry by making a charitable donation to my nonprofit #shelift.”

SheLift, which Herron founded with friends, “empowers girls to conquer their personal obstacles by providing them with the tools, experiences and mentorship to work towards living an inspired, authentic life.” Gossip Cop will update should Johnson respond. See his apology video below.

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