Sara Haines Announces Pregnancy On “The View” (VIDEO)

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Sara Haines Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

Sara Haines Pregnant


Sara Haines announced she’s pregnant with a baby girl on “The View” on Tuesday. Watch the video below!

When the live episode started, the announcer teased “a huge surprise announcement changing ‘View’ history.'” Upon taking their seats, Whoopi Goldberg said someone in the studio audience wants to break the news that she’s pregnant. The camera then panned to random audience members, who denied they were the ones expecting. After amusingly showing producer Brian and Joy Behar, Haines revealed she’s the one with a baby on board.

“Do you guys want to know what I’m having?” she asked the crowd. The co-hosts then sprayed her with pink silly string as she exclaimed, “It’s a girl!” After many laughs, Haines acknowledged she’s been “having a rough time,” and suspected “anybody who’s been in the studio audience could figure it out.” Indeed, she’s missed three episodes in recent weeks, and Goldberg even noted the first time she went MIA that she appeared to suddenly get sick. Morning sickness anyone?

Haines and husband Max Shifrin are already parents to 15-month-old son Alec. “Sunny warned me about the date on these eggs,” she joked. “I don’t have the privilege of time. I’m an older mommy.” She went on to share she’s “so excited” and “very much looking forward” to adding a girl to her family. With two sisters of her own, “I feel like I get the female experience more.”

Behar amusingly added, “I get a little jealous, so I’m getting a dog.” That prompted Haines to joke, “We’re going to do another announcement with silly string!” Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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