Sara Haines Baby Girl Born – “The View” Co-Host Welcomes Daughter Sandra Grace

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Sara Haines Baby Born

By Holly Nicol |

Sara Haines Baby Born

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Sara Haines gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday. The newborn, whose joyous arrival comes just before Christmas, was named Sandra Grace.

The proud mom posted on Instagram, “She’s here!!! Today we met our little Christmas package – Sandra Grace Shifrin (named after my mom). She weighed in at a cool 7 pounds, 2 ounces. We can’t decide who she looks like, but we’ll keep her anyway.” Haines also shared the first photo; see below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Haines announced she was pregnant on “The View” in June. When the live episode started, the announcer teased “a huge surprise announcement,” followed by Whoopi Goldberg claiming someone in the studio audience wanted to break the news that they were pregnant. The camera then panned to random audience members, who denied they were the ones expecting. Of course, Haines eventually revealed she was the one with a baby on board. “It’s a girl!” she exclaimed, as the co-hosts sprayed her with pink silly string.

Haines and husband Max Shifrin are already parents to son Alec Richard, who was born in 2016. On having a baby girl, Haines told People in June, “[Max is] feeling a bit nervous about how to parent as a father to a little girl. Max has been surrounded by mostly male relatives. He has a brother, all male cousins and only nephews.” During the interview, she also spoke about her severe struggle with morning sickness.

“With baby Alec, I was nauseous but never to the point it imposed on my daily life,” Haines said. She went on to share, “This time, I’m super sick. I have to eat through the commercial breaks and they bring me rice crackers and ginger ale. Nothing overrides the nausea. Pizza and bagels were my go-to foods with Alec. I crave weird things [now]. Rice crackers have saved me, and sour candies have helped.”

Last month, “The View” hosted a “baby sprinkle” in Haines’ honor. The show is now on hiatus for the holidays and the TV personality is expected to stay off the air on maternity leave in January. The official Twitter account for the program tweeted Saturday afternoon, “IT’S A GIRL! @sarahaines, husband Max, son Alec and pup Trixie have a new addition to their family — little Sandra Grace! We can’t wait to meet her — and wish Sara and family a very happy holidays with their new bundle of joy!”

Sunny Hostin tweeted in response, “Congrats @sarahaines, @MaxShifrin, Alec and Trixie and welcome Sandra Grace!!!” And fellow colleague Meghan McCain also wrote, “CONGRATULATIONS @sarahaines & @MaxShifrin on your new baby girl Sandra Grace!!!! There is so much beauty and so much to celebrate in the world. I cannot wait to meet her! Love and blessings to the entire family.”

Gossip Cop would like to congratulate Haines and Shifrin on the birth of their second child, and we wish the growing family many years of happiness, health and love together! Baby Sandra’s birth was first reported by People.

Sara Haines Baby Photo

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