Doctor Who Rescued Harrison Ford Speaks Out: I Was Afraid Plane Would Explode (VIDEO)

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Harrison Ford Doctor Video

By Shari Weiss |

Harrison Ford Doctor Video

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The doctor who rescued Harrison Ford during Thursday’s scary plane crash says he had no idea it was the iconic actor at first. Watch video below.

Sanjay Khurana, a spine surgeon, was among the first to come to Ford’s aid after he crash-landed his vintage two-seater World War II plane on the 8th tee at the Penmar Golf Course. At the time, Khurana was golfing on the 7th hole and saw Ford’s plane hit a tree before nose-diving to the ground. He dropped his clubs and ran to the crash site, seeing “a passenger in the rear seat slumped over in distress belted in.”

Khurana could smell and see fuel, and he tells CBS2 Los Angeles, “We wanted to get him out safely and with the fuel leaking out, I motioned to some of the other folks at the golf course to put dirt on the fuel so it wouldn’t combust. I just wanted to get him out safely so that the situation wouldn’t erupt into a fire.”

It wasn’t until Ford was removed from the damaged plane that Khurana realized who he was. “He was a very familiar face,” says the doctor. Khurana confirms earlier reports that though bleeding heavily, Ford was able to speak and move in the aftermath.

And thankfully, Ford is expected to make a full recovery. In a statement released Thursday night, the movie star’s rep said that while he was “banged up,” his injuries were not life-threatening. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates. Check out Khurana’s interview about the accident below.


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