VIDEO: Sandra Lee Saves Baby Seal “Clinging For Life” On California Beach

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Sandra Lee Rescues Baby Seals

By Minyvonne Burke |

Sandra Lee Rescues Baby Seal

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Sandra Lee rescued a baby seal that had washed ashore on a Southern California beach, and captured the sweet moment in videos she posted on Facebook. Lee explained that she was walking along a beach in Malibu when “a baby seal crawled out from behind the rocks towards her clinging for life.” See the videos below.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the little seal was making movements as if he wanted to nurse,” wrote Lee, adding, “I knew he was hungry, weak and definitely scared. I ran from the beach to get a blanket and a few pieces of raw fish.” The celebrity chef continued, “When I brought the raw fish to the baby seal it was as if I was giving a sandwich to an infant. He was still in the nursing phase of his life and his mother was nowhere to be found.”

Lee said she immediately Googled how to rescue a baby seal and learned that the marine mammals washing ashore on Southern California beaches has become a serious epidemic. “Baby seals are washing to shore and dying at unprecedented rates,” wrote Lee, adding that 2015 has the been the worst year yet and the Wildlife Control in Southern California receives hundreds of calls every day.

“There was no way that I was leaving this little one to die on the beach,” said Lee. Because of how often baby seals wash ashore on the beaches in Southern California, Lee said it took the animal rescue team an hour to get to her but they were able to save the young pup. Watch the videos below of Lee saving a baby seal, and tell us what you think.


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