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Sandra Bullock Winter Wedding Cover

(Life And Style)

A tabloid cover story is claiming Sandra Bullock is having a "winter wedding," yet doesn't seem to know specifically where or when she's supposedly getting married. That's because the report is made-up. Gossip Cop is exclusively told the alleged details are illegitimate.

The inauthentic claims come from Life & Style, which contends, "After two years together, smitten Sandra Bullock and beau Bryan Randall decide to make it official." It's alleged the couple are "planning a romantic European wedding with a guest list that includes a who's who of Hollywood," and that "friends expect a winter wedding." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Sandy and Bryan are very excited. They want to tie the knot in the next few months."

The use of "Sandy" is meant to give readers the impression that this supposed snitch is close enough to Bullock to be using her nickname, but this "insider" goes on to refer to "Sandra." Real people don't switch between names like that. Manufactured sources do. In another sign that this article was crafted out of thin air is the vague timing ("next few months") and the openness about where, exactly, the nuptials will take place. It's suggested Bullock could choose the French countryside, but also said that Wyoming and New Orleans have been under consideration, too.

And even though the gossip magazine can't nail down the two biggest details, the where and the when, it claims to know less relevant aspects, such as how Randall will have a specially-designed ring, Bullock will wear a "dress that's true to Sandra's personality," and they'll write their own vows. It's further alleged the guest list will include Melissa McCarthy and George Lopez, and that the actress may even ask Jennifer Aniston or Chelsea Handler to get ordained so they can preside over the ceremony. Concocted? You bet.

In fact, just over a year ago, Life & Style's sister outlet In Touch similarly claimed Bullock and Randall were getting married in the winter. That winter came out and went without a wedding, but of course the tabloid doesn't mention now how its fellow publication was wrong, or that Bullock's rep denied last year that she was engaged. Instead, it just tries to sell readers on the star's purported "dream wedding."

And that's really what this is: Tabloid fantasy. Of course, that didn't stop places like HollywoodLife from picking up the story and then falsely maintaining Bullock and Randall are planning a secret, romantic "French wedding with a star-studded guest list." The reality is they're a very private couple; as the magazine even acknowledges, Bullock and Randall have never even walked a red carpet together.

No one genuinely close to them would leak real details about wedding plans to a gossip magazine, Gossip Cop is told. In addition, her rep exclusively confirms to us, "The story is entirely fabricated. Nothing is accurate in it." The spokesperson further assures us there have never been "any wedding plans." If and when Bullock actually does walk down the aisle again, the news will come from elsewhere, not the outlet that wrongly claimed she was eloping in September or a website that regurgitates tabloid tales without bothering to fact-check them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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