Did Sandra Bullock Get Pregnant With A ‘Miracle Baby’ At 54?

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Sandra Bullock in a shimmering champagne dress on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Sandra Bullock in a shimmering champagne dress on the red carpet

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A tabloid reported last year that Sandra Bullock was expecting a baby at 54 years old. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor last year and declared it false. One year later, no “miracle baby” has appeared, so we can confidently call this story what it is: total fiction.

Exactly 12 months have passed since OK! published a story claiming Bullock was pregnant with a “miracle baby.” According to magazine’s so-called insider, Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, had finally conceived after “two years of trying and six months of IVF treatments.” The Bird Box actress had allegedly already told close family and friends and was thrilled.

The supposed tipster continued, “Sandra refused to give up on her hopes of having a child with Bryan. After the last round of IVF proved to be a success, they were walking on air.” Randall and Bullock were “just so thrilled to be having a child together at this stage in their lives. Given Sandra’s age, this baby is truly a miracle.”

Gossip Cop thought this tale was a little too tall to be believed, so we checked in with Bullock’s rep. As someone authorized to speak on the actress’ behalf, this rep was far more reputable than some anonymous tipster. They told us on the record that Bullock was not pregnant. The actress still only has her two children.

OK! has a terrible record when it comes to truthful reporting on Sandra Bullock. In November 2019, the outlet published a story claiming Bullock was planning an engagement party for her Speed co-star Keanu Reeves. Gossip Cop figured there was something off about this claim since Reeves isn’t engaged to anyone. He’s been seen attending events with Alexandra Grant, but the two haven’t officially outed themselves as a couple. This story was definitely more fiction than fact.

A few months earlier, the publication once again proved how little they knew about the Gravity actress when they reported Bullock had married Randall in a secret ceremony on her ranch. A source told the outlet, “Sandra didn’t want anything big or flashy, so she had something short, sweet and meaningful that allowed them to express how they feel about each other. It’s everything she wanted it to be.” That source should have checked in with Bullock’s rep like Gossip Cop did before they ran off to sell their story to the tabloids. The rep told us on the record that the two aren’t secretly married.