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Sandra Bullock is not pregnant, despite a new cover story. Gossip Cop can correct this falsehood. We're exclusively told it's not true the 54-year-old actress is expecting a baby with her boyfriend of three years Bryan Randall.

According to the cover of Life & Style, Bullock is "pregnant at last!" The magazine even shows a "first bump pic" on its front page. But inside the tabloid, the article begins to subtly back away from its premise that the mother of two adopted children, Louis and Laila, is experiencing "pregnancy herself." The publication writes, "Friends are buzzing that Sandra is expecting her first child at age 54."

Who are these friends? The outlet never says. Instead, it quotes a so-called "source" who offers, "Sandra's dropped hints there could be a miracle baby on the way." It's interesting the tabloid's supposed tipster says Bullock is having a "miracle baby" because that's a claim the magazine has wrongly made about the actress in the past, but more about that a little later.

In its latest manufactured report, the unidentified "source" asserts Bullock has "backed out of numerous social engagements... because she wasn't feeling well, and she's avoided alcohol at every occasion she has attended." The same supposed "source" says her friends and family are "excitedly waiting for the official announcement" that she's pregnant. Curiously, the tipster has no idea how far along Bullock allegedly is.

Then, after noting how her father John Bullock and two of her dogs recently passed away, the purported "insider" adds, "The moment she found out she was pregnant would no doubt bring Sandra to tears." Apparently, there's a ton of doubt about the veracity of the magazine's story, because an actual "insider" wouldn't have to couch phrases with qualifying words such as "would no doubt" or "could be a miracle baby." He or she would know for certain whether Bullock was pregnant, and if she cried when she found out.

Not surprisingly, the source doesn't know where or when the Oscar-winner received the baby news. Instead, that person just blathers, "At her age, she knows a baby would be a miracle." And it's not only Bullock who wants a "miracle baby." The magazine quotes its almost assuredly fabricated "source" contending, "She and Bryan have been hoping to get pregnant with a miracle baby."

That's right, they don't just want any kind of baby. They want a "miracle baby." Actually, if the outlet were right about Bullock being pregnant, that would be an even bigger miracle. As mentioned above, a full seven months ago, Gossip Cop busted the very same tabloid when it ran a cover story that falsely maintained Bullock was pregnant with her third child, and it was a "miracle."

The last time the publication attempted that narrative, Bullock's rep told Gossip Cop the magazine's report was wrong. This time around, the spokesperson exclusively relates to Gossip Cop the outlet was warned, "Your story is completely false and has no basis in any truth. Once again you are manufacturing and inventing lies in order to increase your sales for purely financial gain." Bullock herself has mocked the rampant pregnancy rumors that have surrounded her. Years ago, she said, "In one tabloid I was two months pregnant... in another I was four months."

Lastly, the photo alleged to be the "first bump pic" was taken of Bullock at the UK premiere of Ocean's 8 on June 13. Assuming Bullock was impregnated with her "miracle baby" that same day, the actress would be five months along and clearly showing a bigger bump. Well, contrary to the outlet's contention the actress has "backed out of numerous social engagements" of recent to hide she's pregnant, Bullock stepped out two nights ago for a screening of her Netflix film Bird Box and did not remotely appear to be carrying a child.

Conclusion: Life & Style has splashed on its latest cover that Sandra Bullock is "pregnant," but the tabloid offers no proof whatsoever. Instead, it quotes an unnamed and untraceable "insider" as contending she's having a "miracle baby." But, as noted, that's a premise the magazine has tried and been wrong with before.

Additionally, while the outlet hides because the words of an anonymous and unaccountable "source," Bullock's own rep has gone of the record with Gossip Cop to say it's untrue. Also, despite the publication's assertion Bullock is laying low until she's ready to make an "official announcement," the actress was front and center looking rail thin while promoting her latest movie on Monday night. For those reasons and others, Gossip Cop is giving the tabloid's tale a zero out of 10 on our fact or fiction meter.

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Life & Style

Sandra Bullock is pregnant with a miracle baby at 54 years old.
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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