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Sandra Bullock did not get plastic surgery before the Oscars, despite wrong speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight. We're told that claims she received cheek implants are an "unequivocal and bold lie."

Right off the bat it's clear this story from Life & Style is fishy because it begins by asserting the movie star "made a surprise appearance on the 2018 Oscars red carpet." In actuality, there was nothing surprising about her appearance at the event. It was announced nearly a week before the Academy Awards that Bullock would be among the Oscars presenters. That the tabloid seemingly didn't know her presence was expected and widely-known in advance suggests the gossip magazine isn't too knowledgeable or credible when it comes to this narrative.

As for the specific claims, the outlet alleges that when Bullock posed at the awards show, "her seemingly ageless beauty instantly sparked plastic surgery rumors." The publication then asserts that "fans are convinced" she now has cheek implants. As if such messages would be proof of cosmetic procedures, the tabloid quotes random Twitter users, who sent tweets like, "It actually makes me sad to see that Sandra Bullock, a beautiful, funny, genuine talent, got the cheek injections. You're gorgeous as you are, girl."

It's actually "sad" that someone saw fit to judge Bullock's appearance based on a photo or TV clip. The tabloid goes on to quote a doctor who spoke to its sister publication, Closer. Though this medical professional has never even met the Oscar winner, he still found it appropriate to speculate, "It is plausible to think that she had fillers to her cheekbones to increase their volume and to improve their contour."

Life & Style eventually concludes, "Rumors aside, we just love seeing the brunette beauty back on the red carpet." Why, so her looks can be critiqued? Rather than add to this speculation, Gossip Cop opted to investigate and fact-check. While the tabloid relies on Twitter conspiracists, we reached out to Bullock's rep, who exclusively tells us in a statement, "This is an unequivocal and bold lie. She absolutely does not have nor has she ever had any sort of cheek fillers or implants."

Interestingly, Bullock actually joked about her face before presenting during the Oscars ceremony. The funny actress requested the lights be dimmed lower and lower so she would appear younger than she actually is. With the stage darkened, Bullock quipped that she now looked like Gal Gadot. Clearly, the actress is well aware that she's older and with that comes natural aging. Had she actually undergone plastic surgery to look more youthful, she wouldn't have needed a bit about lowering the lights.

Gossip Cop would be remiss not to point out that these false claims about cheek implants come from the same tabloid that in December peddled a fabricated cover story about Bullock having a "winter wedding." As her spokesperson confirmed once again last week (and several months after we busted the phony report), Bullock is still not married.


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