Sandra Bullock Marrying Boyfriend In Texas?

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Sandra Bullock Wedding

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Sandra Bullock Wedding

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Is Sandra Bullock finally marrying her longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall this fall in Austin, Texas? That’s what one of this celebrity weeklies is reporting. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this inaccurate claim about an upcoming wedding.

According to the National Enquirer, Randall has “finally convinced” Bullock that he’s “marriage material.” The magazine notes the actress was hesitant to walk down the aisle again after being cheated on by her ex-husband Jesse James, but over their four-year relationship, Randall has proved to Bullock he “wouldn’t hurt her the same way.” To make its story sound believable, the supermarket tabloid alleges it has an “insider” who leaks that she’s “planning a fall wedding in her adopted hometown of Austin.”

The frequently debunked magazine continues, “The couple will exchange vows in front of A-list pals, such as Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra’s ex Ryan Gosling.” “She was determined to never marry again, but Bryan came into her life,” reveals the so-called “insider.” “He’s been great with her children, and that won her over,” adds the supposed “source” about Randall, who often takes her kids Louis and Laila to school. “Sandy sees him as great daddy material, so it’s a win-win,” concludes the anonymous and untraceable tipster.

It feels as if every week Gossip Cop has to correct a false report about Bullock having secretly gotten married to Randall or being in the planning stages of a wedding. Our impeccable sources, however, have assured us once again that Bullock and Randall are not slated to tie the knot this fall in Austin. Additionally, as opposed to the tabloid, which hides behind an unidentifiable and possibly made-up “source,” Bullock’s rep has gone on the record to deny the actress is having an autumn wedding in Texas.

And while Gossip Cop could give dozen of examples of the tabloids getting it wrong about Bullock, we’ll just limit it to a few. For instance, the Enquirer previously insisted in 2016 that Bullock and Randall were getting married in a German castle. In that work of fiction, the outlet asserted, “Sandy is going to invite some friends like George and Amal Clooney and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.” Much like the current article, that story magically knew who was invited to the (nonexistent) nuptials, yet had no information whatsoever about when the purported wedding was actually taking place.

Naturally, the marriage at the German castle is not mentioned in the new story, nor does the publication explain how a few months ago it untruthfully maintained Bullock was calling off her wedding to Randall. At the time, a spokesperson for the actress said there was never any wedding in the works to cancel. And it’s been nearly two years since the magazine’s sister outlet, Star, published an untrue cover story that swore up and down Bullock and Randall were having a wedding in Jackson Hole and adopting a third child together.

Irrespective of whether it’s Germany, Wyoming or Texas, the actress and her photographer boyfriend are not set to wed. And it’s not just Gossip Cop, our sources, or even her rep who’s saying this. When asked in 2015 about getting married again, Bullock told People, “I don’t think so,” though she said she be would happy to be in a “committed, safe relationship.” That’s exactly what she has with Randall.


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