Sandra Bullock: Magic Mike Trailers Make Me “Ovulate” – WATCH VIDEO

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Sandra Bullock ovulates to Magic Mike

By James Crugnale |

Sandra Bullock ovulates to Magic Mike

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Sandra Bullock hilariously reveals to Ellen DeGeneres on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she gets so turned on by Magic Mike trailers, it causes her to “ovulate.” “It’s just you see the trailers, and I know they’re sort of winking at you, but then I ovulate,” says the Oscar winner, graphically acting out her reaction. “It’s just that thing that happens! You don’t know what I’m talking about?”

Without missing a beat, DeGeneres responds, “Doesn’t happen to me.” Bullock continues to try to explain to the talk-show host the emotions she gets from watching the clips. “Well, it’s weird. You think you’re a strong woman. I can think for myself,” notes Bullock, adding, “I’ve got my own business. I’m a mom. It just happens.”

DeGeneres asks what it was about the movie that aroused the actress, but Bullock hems and haws, trying to not be explicit. “It’s the mmm… You know, that thing. You know, I don’t want to because I’m wearing a dress… there’s something that just happens,” she says. “You’re touching yourself right now!” exclaims DeGeneres, to which Bullock quickly replies, “And that will happen again in July!”

Check out the video below of Sandra Bullock telling Ellen DeGeneres she ovulates while watching Magic Mike.


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