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Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are not in love, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk this inaccurate claim. While the two have said in recent interviews they had crushes on one another more than 25 years ago while shooting the movie Speed, there is nothing, nor will there be anything romantic, going on between Reeves and Bullock, who is in a committed relationship with photographer Bryan Randall.

According to the latest issue of Woman's Day, after the revelation that Bullock harbored secret feelings for him, Reeves is now "sussing out" whether he and his former co-star can now "truly make a go for it." The magazine recounts how during a December 2018 appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Bullock admitted she secretly liked Reeves while making the film because he was "handsome" and sweet." It then relates that earlier this month, during an interview on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Reeves talked about his mutual crush on Bullock, telling the talk show host, "She obviously didn't know I had a crush on her either." "It was nice to go to work," recalled Reeves, before adding how Bullock's a "wonderful person and a wonderful actress."

From there, the frequently disproven magazine quotes what it terms as an "insider" as saying, "It's clear those feelings haven't gone away and goes to show what an amazing bond they had." The supposed source continues, "When Sandra heard what Keanu had said there was an undeniable knot of excitement in her tummy." "She's not really sure how to feel but Keanu is definitely sussing out whether he's missed the boat on this romance or whether they can truly make a go of it."

A few things bear mentioning, including how the publication's alleged "insider" actually has no proof whatsoever that it's "clear those feeling haven't gone away" between Reeves and Bullock. Arguably, those crushes definitely faded away since she married another man, Jesse James. And after divorcing him, the actress has been happily involved with Randall for more than three years.

Significantly, the tabloid cherrypicked quotes from both their appearances on "Ellen." The outlet seemingly omitted on purpose that Bullock was making a point about how she and Reeves are better as platonic pals than lovers. "I think we're probably friends for that long because we didn't [date]," she told DeGeneres. And for his part, Reeves politely noted his feelings for Bullock were not that strong since he acknowledged, when pressed by DeGeneres, that he's had no problem at other times having romances with his co-stars.

The tabloids have been manufacturing article linking the former co-stars ever since Reeves and Bullock stopped by "Ellen." In January, for instance, Gossip Cop busted a story that falsely maintained Bullock was torn between Reeves and her boyfriend. At the time, Reeves and Bullock's mutual rep said on the record there was no love triangle of any sort. And there still isn't one now, Gossip Cop can confirm.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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