Sandra Bullock’s High School Boyfriend Did NOT Abuse Her, Despite Report

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Sandra Bullock High School Boyfriend Abuse

By Andrew Shuster |

Sandra Bullock High School Boyfriend Abuse

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Sandra Bullock’s high school boyfriend, Greg Davis, did not physically abuse her while they were dating, despite a completely false tabloid report. The article claims the actress’s ex hit her after she accused him of cheating, but the story is entirely untrue. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

According to the National Enquirer, Bullock was planning to marry her high school sweetheart, but their relationship turned tense after he allegedly cheated. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “The cheerleaders all gossiped about who they slept with, and one happened to say, ‘Greg Davis.’ One night Greg and Sandy got into a fight, and he got physical. He got rough with her, and pushed her up against a wall.”

The outlet’s dubious insider goes on to say that during the supposed altercation, Bullock “learned about the other girl, and she learned she was in an abusive relationship.” The questionable source goes on to say the couple broke up just before senior prom, adding, “Sandy was such a popular girl, and put on this cheerful face all the time. But she had bad luck with the guys.”

But Gossip Cop looked into this harrowing tale from the actress’s past, and we’ve learned there’s simply no truth to it. A rep for Bullock exclusively assures us Davis never hit her, nor did he even cheat on her. The altercation described in the unreliable magazine simply never happened. It’s unclear why the Enquirer felt compelled to spread nonexistent drama from Bullock’s teenage years, but the story is completely bogus.

Of course, it’s not too shocking the tabloid would concoct a phony report about one of the actress’s past relationships, considering it consistently publishes lies about her current one with Bryan Randall. Gossip Cop previously busted the outlet for wrongly reporting Bullock and her boyfriend were getting married at a castle in Germany. Obviously, no such ceremony occurred, and this latest article about the actress is equally unfounded.

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